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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sarahm, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. Hello Everyone.
    I've been wanting to join the navy as a Warfare Officer since the age of 12. My parents however insisted i went to university before I made such a decision (neither them or any of my family have a military background and I think they were scared of the unknown). I've still got another year left at university, however i was just wondering if it is worthwhile me going into my local Royal Navy Office and enquiring about the job now, or waiting until I'm nearing the end of my course before I enquire.
  2. Sarah

    I would visit them sooner rather than later. The application process for Officer has several stages and takes some time.

    Do you know which AFCO is closest to your University (or home town if you prefer)?
  3. Cheers for your fast responses. I've looked on their website and there is a office quite close to my university. I shall pop in next week!
    Many thanks again
  4. You're welcome, Sarah.

    One more tip - if you ring them in advance, they will be able to tell you on which day the ACLO will be in - the ACLO is the Officer to whom Officer candidates in your particular region will be referred for processing. Some of them cover more than one office, so they can be a bit peripatetic. It just occurred to me that, if you call in on a day when the ACLO is there in the flesh, you might be able to meet him or her as well as meeting the Careers Advisors who run the AFCO.

    Oh and don't forget - there are a few threads on this forum where Officer candidates exchange tips on the various stages of Officer Recruitment - once things take off, you might find some useful info there. Here, for example:




    Good Luck!
  5. I'm applying to be a Warfare Officer and started my application about a year ago - half way through my penultimate year of university. The sooner you start the process, the easier it is to fit the application stages around your studies, for example if you're given a date for your sift interview but have an exam or something on the same day, it is much easier to delay if it means the ACLO cannot make another date for a month.
  6. You may not be too happy with your parents at the moment, however their insistance on you getting a degree will help get you more pay when entering the RN (so long as it is a recognised qualification).
    Start the ball rolling now :p
  7. hey, I am in the same situation as you, and if you pass before 3rd year you can get a bursary!!! X
  8. best to get in there early. I think they are still offering bursaries for Warfare Officers (approx £1500) which is not bad if you have already decided to join up. Just make sure that you are chosing the right branch as getting up at 0330 for the morning can get pretty tedious for 10 years. Make sure to look at all the advice on here. Good luck with whatever you decide - it is a great career in the RN
  9. Hi Sarah,

    I'd echo the sentiments above. I waited until after university before I started my application for Warfare Officer, which did me absolutely no favours whatsoever. I'm now in a situation where, having passed all the recruitment stages and AIB, I'm waiting until July to find out if I've been selected for September '09 or not, with essentially a minimum of 6 months to fill constructively. For this reason alone, I would definately recommend starting your application asap. Also, it would be prudent to find out if you meet all the assessment and medical standards before you graduate, to allow yourself a margin for error. If you have any questions, or require any information about the recruitment process, I would be more than happy to help where I can.

  10. Hugely misguided statement, it is true bursaries exist, it is true if you passed before third year you would be ELIGIBLE for one, however the chances of a warfare candidate getting one are next to none, especially that late. It is certainly by no means a foregone conclusion as your post suggests.

    If you are a doctor, dentist or engineer on the other hand, crack on. They are crying out for you lot - the rationale being that when civvy engineering firms are offering over 50k within a few years to the best candidates they have to do something to lure you in and sweeten the deal and often a bursary does the trick.

    Good luck in your application.

    In addition: What university do you go to? It would be well worth your while looking to find your nearest URNU and see if you are within the recruitment area. It will give you valuable service knowledge, confidence within a military environment and a bloody good time even if only for a year.
  11. [
    Oops, sorry!! I was just going on what my ACLO said!

  12. Hey everyone,
    Thankyou for all the replies. I went in to the AFCO and spoke to an ACLO, was all very positive. I've got my app form all filled out, just need to hand it in now.
    I'm at lincoln uni chris. Do you know if there any in my area?

    Conqueror I spoke to the ACLO briefly about my eyesight. I wear contact lenses and my prescription is R sph -2.75 cyl -2.00 axis 77 and L sph -2.25 cyl -2.00 axis 55. Slightly worried about that smallish problem! I'm quite a confident person who loves leading etc, just get a bit nervous at interviews (doesn't everyone). I'm starting the whole training thing now, i've always been quite sporty, so bleep test/fitness isn't worrying me too much. Anything else you could recommend to make sure i pass the AIB first time?
    Thanks once again for all the replies
  13. Also (this may raise a few eyebrows, so please forgive my ignorance) what does 'As an officer - comissioned service' mean? I've an idea, but not 100% sure. if anyone could help?
  14. Search the site for the AIB thread, full of useful information. I've actually printed out the condensed version, much more succinct and very informative than the monstrosity that is the full thread..

    What exactly does your degree involve, out of interest?
  15. The condensed version? I've just spent the last 4 hours going through the entire AIB thread :\

    I'm doing forensic science. Was that asked in reference to my toal cluelessness of comissioned service? I'm pretty sure I know, but i want to be 100%. Maybe i should have kept quiet, as now I appear slightly (very) stupid right?
  16. All the info you'll need

    It is a rather random thing to ask, I would've assumed it fairly self explanatory? Still, I suppose the old saying of "All brains etc." :D

    "As an officer-commissioned service" basically can be read as "Entering the Navy as an Officer, serving in whatever commissioned post your qualification/test results dictate/allow"
  17. Ha.... Yes that is true... No really I'm just a big worrier and don't want to make any stupid mistakes on this app form!

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