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Hi there i am trying to find out more information about Warfare officer than is available in the career's pack. I am booked on a Warfare Officer Aquaint Course in march but im sure i will find out more usefull info on here. To help me build an understanding of the job and what's involved.

Im looking for information on day to day role, realistic time spent at sea and future career prospects. Is it the norm for most warfare officers to go on to become PWO's or are there other alternatives available.

Any constructive input would be greatly welcome having looked through some of the threads when searching this topic they seem to be mostly full of abuse for the author so please go easy on me!!!!!
It's nice to see a sensible question being asked for a change.
I'm fairly certain that if you compose a list of questions they will be answered during your acquaint course.
Pretty sure that you will get lots of help here from Ninja.
Aqquaint Courses are amazing.

They allow you to ask all the questions you wish. It also lets you see if the job is one that you will enjoy.
As far as I know the only way Warfare Officers go is down the PWO route, not a bad thing though if you have an ambition to drive a ship, but on the way you'll have to navigate and be the XO of one!
scabz said:
Chaz said:
As far as I know the only way Warfare Officers go is down the PWO route .....
Ah ha, there speaks the voice of a skimmer. You don't get PWOs on boats!
Having done boat trips I'm quite aware of that, but thanks for reminding me.. not that I needed one!!!


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Warfare Officer has several routes & the fact that you may start down the Officer of the Watch (Bridge Watchkeeper) route. It does not necessarily mean you will be a Navigator or Gunnery Officer or Bosun on your 2nd seagoing appointment followed by Air Warfare Officer(AWO), Communications Warfare Officer (CWO) following the Principal Warfare Officer (PWO) course, although the majority do follow this route. Some even go on to command a ship, as do some former pilots & submariners, some become First Lieutenants and stay that way.

As has already been suggested there are the opportunities to specialise on Submarines & follow the Perisher route, specialise (after around 4 years) as a Mine Clearance Diving Officer, go into Defence Intelligence and doubtless other lesser known avenues.

Your acquaint course is an excellent way to gather a wider appraisal of what the job entails and is run with current serving specialists in that particular field.

As with many jobs it's difficult to predict with precise accuracy what you maybe doing five years from now, however if you use the rough guide of the route followed by the majority of Warfare Officers you shouldn't be too far off the mark. It is definitely a good idea to identify potential avenues to which you can aspire, however the availability of specific sub-specialisations is governed by supply and demand & you should not join in the expectation that a desired aspiration will definitely occur.

Enjoy the course & good luck.
Thanks for that ninja, i have made a list of questions that i will take with me to HMS Collingwood for my aquaint. I am really excited about the visit i feel this is the best way to get a full understanding of the role. It will be great to speak to serving warfare officers and get there views and opinons on the job.
Babbs said:
See you there, are you as apprehensive/nervous as me???
I'm thoroughly looking forward to it. I have too much going on to think about being nervous just yet. This dissertation is taking over my life!

Have you noticed the 'Mile Royal Navy Fitness Test' they have snuck into the programme? :bball:

Time to chuck aside my jeans and hoody and dig out the chino's and blazer lol :afro:



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Surface world. You must look to go PWO, in the future the best chance for promotion and all the good jobs will require PWO's qual. It is already happening in the Purple world as PWO is the tick to the best jobs around. Yes there will be the odd person who defies this but to be honest go PWO.

Now there is a real thing about PWO, some feel it is not the best way to go. But in the year I have been doing the job I love it. Busy, yes but good fun.

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