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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rn458scc, Sep 4, 2011.

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  1. Hello All!

    I have my Sift on Wednesday!! :s , but I’m having issues finding the Warfare Officer Training Pipeline..

    I know up to the point of passing out at BRNC but from this stage onwards the information seems to a bit contradicting,

    Hope you can help,

    Thanks! Kieran.
  2. You go straight to Admiral of the Fleet; it's awesome.

  3. Haha if only!

    I've had a look round these forums but im still having no luck :/
  4. Google

    Really, you should try being a Marine Engineer, at least you can play with hammers and stuff.....
  5. Hi Guys i've had a look,

    is this right?

    Term 1: Initial training featuring BLD and ABLE (14 weeks)

    Term 2: 10 weeks of Initial Fleet Time (ending in Fleet Board), then back to BRNC for 4 including MARL (14 weeks total)

    Passing out parade.

    IWO(F): Initial Warfare Officer Foundation Course consisting of various educational and academic training modules. (14 weeks at BRNC)

    SFT: Specialist Fleet Time - Role specific training (6-8 months depending on ship programme)

    IWO: Initial Warfare Officer Course at HMS Collingwood including Nav Sea Week, various other modules like OOD, Comms, DO etc. (13 weeks)

  6. Kieran,

    I hope your SIFT went OK - if I had been on here earlier in the week I would have referred you to the RN website (careers section) which has stacks of good info on BRNC, explaining EVERYTHING about training.
  7. TB

    As a matter of interest and for future reference, to which part of the RN website would you refer someone who wished to see the training pipeline for, say, Warfare Officer or Logistics Officer in detail?
  8. Soleil,

    First off, go to the Careers Tab, select Training and Education - Officer Training at BRNC. This has a number of sections including a link to a microsite showing videos on various aspects of training (including all the leadership exercises etc). The other link from that page takes you to the BRNC establishment homepage. This further details training at the College, up to a very thorough run through IFT.

    For job specific pipelines, eg Marine Engineering Officer, some basic stuff can be got from the HMS Sultan page and the sub-page for the RN School of Marine Engineering. Further info can then be got by goin got the Careers tab, Exploring jobs - MEO.
    This sheet (Lvl 3 careers pub) can also be given out by the ACLO/AFCO. This gives a little more info on the selected job, which for Warfare talks about the training post-BRNC.

    Further to all that, there are a number of web chats from Warfare and Engineering Officers (for example) which give a personal viewpoint on that career.

    If someone can give me a run down on that info, and have some drive and ambition, I'd be content. The icing on the cake is to go on a ship visit arranged by the AFCO, or an acquaint course (talking Officers again) for their chosen branch.
  9. Thank you, TB, that's very useful. I am going to incorporate your ideas into a new thread at some point which refers enquirers about the specific Officer roles to areas in which they will find particularly good information. Will the pages you have mentioned still exist in the same format on the new website, by the way, or will they have been rewritten and re-organised? I'm not sure whether those sections can be imported wholesale, not being particularly expert in these things.
  10. Soleil, that's the million dollar question....
    Still waiting (and waiting) for roll-out of the new (improved) site. Hopefully full functionality will be retained, including the newsletters that could be signed up for.

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