Warfare officer training period

I hope to sign up as a Warfare Officer serving on boats. I have read through all the information provided by my local AFCO about the training and what is involved. My question is does anybody know exactly how long training for this position is? From what i have read you do your initial officer training for 12 months then fleet time. You the go on to do specialist fleet time. After this you go and do your IWOC and you are then qualified as a Junior officer. If you wish to work on boats you have to do 4 months training and then you go on a boat for a period of time and upon returning sit an exam which if you pass means you receive your dolphins. So from all this it would seem that training to become a Warfare officer on boats is roughly 12 months officer training, 4 months fleet time,3 1/2 months IWOC,4 months specialist submarine training. This adds up to 23 1/2 months but what i am not sure of is how long specialist fleet time lasts. Any help would be appreciated. I know it is not exactly of great importance but i would just like to know the time scale which i will be working to. Than you for all replys
Include some leave as well, broadly you're looking at 2.5 to 3 years in training.

But you're right, it's not that important...


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Actually, I thought it was quite important. Aren't you asked about your training route and times at interview or AIB? Best to check with AFCO on this then.
I figured it would be around 30 months in total. It's really the specialist fleet time which i am unsure about. I am sure they ask you at your AIB interview about the training route and i am certain i would be able to discuss this in depth. I have read through all the material but i can't find any information on specialist fleet time. In all the material provided, it just says some officers will go on to take part in this after common fleet time.


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Does BRNC close for the summer? I was looking at the leave timetable in my joining pack and it says there are 5 weeks for summer leave, but surely June starters don't have 5 weeks off between Phases 1&2??

Would be nice of course but seems a bit weird! Also trying to decide whether I can go on hols with my mates or not in August ^_^;


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Time to fashion more weapons of very little destruction, I wager.

I'm thinking a thin, straight, flat piece of wood/plastic, approximately 30cm long, that will have the power to project small paper missiles at passers-by. No one suspects the blonde girl.......

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