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Hi, first of all I would like to say hello to all, as I am new on this forum. I am 16 years old and currently about to sit my psychometric test, I have applied for a sixth form scholarship.
On my form, I have put down my job preference of a Royal Marines Officer. However I am interested in the Warfare branch as I like the idea of the 'navy' side of life. My main question regarding this, with a sixth form scholar does job preference, non engineering wise matter? could I potentially change my job preference?

I am predicted one A* 4 A's 5 B's and one C/B at GCSE. I intend to study: philosophy,politics, law and English at as level. So correct me if I am wrong, I am on track to meet Royal Navy/Marines Officer entry.

I have a couple of questions regarding the warfare branch: What typically would be a day in UK ports for a Warfare Officer? and is there more 'command' opportunities within Warfare than say Royal Marines?

please advise,


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You need at least 180 UCAS points at A Level for Officer. They tend to want you to get at least as A2, rather than just AS.

Be aware there are very few scholarships awarded. For potential RM Officers, only a couple a year. Royal Marines Officer & Warfare Officer are very different roles. If you want to be in Command of a ship, join as a Warfare Officer, if you want to be a Troop Commander, join the Royal Marines.

Good luck.
Thanks Ninja,
I am aware how competitive gaining such a scholarship is, however I wasn't aware just how little potential RM's are awarded a scholarship. I would intend to take 2 maybe 3 subjects from AS level to A2 these would be chosen based on potential for highest grades. Regarding higher command, would a Royal Marines Officer be restricted to Major General posts or could they take up higher e.g. 4 star level? (I am aware of such how hard this is to come by though.)


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Whilst it is always good to aim high, I would honestly advise you to focus on the here & now. I've lost count of the number of applicants that don't get past the initial recruiting test, let alone basic training.

If you want to aim for the top job, join the Royal Navy but bear in mind, the "average" officer only gets as far as Lieutenant in the RN or Captain RM. Most only serve six to eight years.

Good luck.
Again Thank you, So thinking about the now, I do have one concern regarding the 'medical'. Currently my BMI stands at 26.7 however I am far from 'overweight'. I play as a loose head prop in rugby, were muscle is a big thing. This is my dilemma I am within the minimum muscle to fat ratio bordering on not enough fats, as you may be aware muscle does way more than fat. Would this be taken into consideration? or is this taken as the gospel? Currently I am smashing the physical aspect, running 1.5 miles in around 9 minutes, 70 press ups in two minutes, 90 sit ups and 20 pull ups (the hard way). This is my only 'hitch' in my wagon technically, this would be gutting if I could not gain entry because of this. At present I am trying to reduce body mass however is proving extremely difficult because of how little fat there is.
Whilst angrydoc may provide a different view, I wouldn't worry about it. Our last Officer Commanding Royal Marines was a Cambridge Rugby Blue, who played at hooker and by the sounds of things, was built like you.

However, if you do wish to go to CTCRM, I would think about losing some weight and gaining some fat - 30ft rope climbs are hard enough, adding extra weight simply makes them harder; being uber-skinny doesn't help with shivering outside in January during YO's training!

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