Warfare officer subordinates - branches, jobs.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by !5jan, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. Apparently I need to know what subordinates I'd be in charge of.

    I remember reading somewhere that the warfare officer is responsible for a group of ratings and has the responsibility for keeping a section of the deck up to scratch as well as fire fighting.

    Anything else?
  2. Because I'm on my iPhone this'll be quick....

    You will have a division, a part of ship and your bridge team. The 3 are separate entities and may overlap, or may not.

    I'll leave it others to describe the difference between the 3. Standby for banter!
  3. Nope. You seem to have it squared away.
  4. Any one of any branch who is junior to you would be a good starting point.
  5. Bridge team: as an OOW you will have (typically) 2 AB's one as QM and one as TAC OP. they may not be with you in every watch as they may be in a different system, but you will lead them throughout your 4 hour watch in their duties. The Nav's or OOW 1 will lead / manage this.

    Division: maximum of twelve AB's and or leading hands. You will write annual reports for and have divisional care / responsibility for them. The EWO, XO will lead / manage this.

    Part of ship: you will be "ACCOUNTABLE" for a certain part of ship (POS), you will have a PO(WS), a kilick (WS) & a kilick spec who will run the day to day things, tasks, manpower etc. although these days your more of a monthly paper work signature. the BUFFER & 1LT will lead / manage this.

    this is based on a typical surface ship.
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  6. dsg what do the abbreviations QM and TAC OP stand for? Great post though
  7. Sorry oppo:

    QM: quarter master, leading hand or AB in charge of the gangway security or steering the ship on the bridge, making broadcast pipes and assisting the OOW.

    TAC OP: tactical operator, same branch / trade as the QM but is responsible for operating the VHF/UHF radio, recording signals, operates the flags, signal lamps and assists running the bridge.
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  8. Taking this slightly off-topic, but with the bridge team is the OOW responsible for basically everything i.e. taking fixes, recording them, plotting them, calculating EPs/estimated wheelover time and actually manning the wheel? Apologies if I misunderstood what you were saying about the bridge team earlier, but surely that would make the OOW one hell of a busy bee?
  9. He/she is, they will do everything you mentioned and more.

    The QM will actually steer the wheel/joy stick if it is not in auto pilot. As OOW you will "con" the ship. I.e. give wheel and engine orders for the QM to execute.

    As well as everything you have mentioned which covers the navigation aspect, also you will have to make sure the routines are running smoothly:

    Pipes made on time (call the hands, various stations, or events).

    The ship is in the correct position.

    Aircraft, landing craft, rib movements & launches/recoveries.

    Initiation of exercises or real events (fire, MOB etc).

    The captains morning call, sunset report & shipping reports.

    Ceremonial, exchanging I.D.'s, tactical & routine communications.

    SHIPHAZ: signing / authorising working at height or dangerous places involving live equipment or taking it out of action.

    Problem solving various issues that may affect the ship, systems events etc.

    But the bridge team can help (depending on their competence) and in certain circumstances you will be supplemented by other members of the crew to lighten the load.

    It's a pretty full on 4 hours, before you even get on the bridge it is considered good practice (from what I experienced on my last ship, I'm sure someone will say otherwise) for the oncoming OOW, to visit the OPS room, SCC/HQ1 and MCO prior to starting the bridge hand over.
  10. And frankly that's the basics of being an OOW. Put on a headset, listen to the PWO give you a raid countdown and then try and throw the ship around to avoid attacking aircraft: that's being an OOW.

    People give dabbers shit for being thick, but I note very few Officers of other Branches ever volunteer to do a watch or two with them.....
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  11. Thank you both for that. Very interesting. I'm still struggling getting the nav stuff done quickly enough, but it's good to know what it's all ultimately aiming for. I wouldn't expect to be paid just to sit on my arse but it does sound pretty intense.
  12. What sort of nav stuff are you looking at?
  13. Not really. It's what you do - it's great fun and massive amounts of responsibility. It's why Warfare Officers are COs and no-one from any other branch.

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