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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by gmelrose94, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. New to this site, have SIFT interview approaching. Was wondering if anyone can answer the following questions for me?

    I am a RN Warfare Officer (submariner) candidate

    Has anyone recently passed SIFT and can offer me any advice/ question topics?

    How long will I have to wait between passing SIFT and beginning AIB and time between passing AIB and beginning INT at Dartmouth?

    On completion of BRNC which steps are next for me?

    Will my IFT( initial fleet time) be served on a ship or a submarine?

    After completing phase 1 of officer training, what will phase 2 consist of?

    If i do successfully pass through all stages, is there a specific waiting time until i begin my job on a submarine?

    Where is the best place to look for current deployments?

    How much detail do i need to know about other branches of RN, ie fleet air arm, RM, surface fleet etc.?

    Many thanks, Greg.
  2. Have you actually researched your chosen occupation or used the search function?
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  3. doing what i can to get as much info as possible but nigh on impossible to find everything i'll need.
  4. Loadsa people before you have managed.
  5. IFT is on a surface ship, usually one of the larger ones to try accomdate the ammount of OC's.
  6. The time it takes for your ACLO to submit your paperwork to the AIB and for them to allocate you an AIB date. Probably a couple of months, although it fluctuates at certain times of the year eg when the AIB is closed during the summer and when it ringfences dates for certain categories such as potential Welbexians.

    Navy News, available at W H Smith and all good newsagents; the RN website.

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