Warfare Officer (Submariner)

Good afternoon,

As I have gained a lot of helpful information and knowledge from this site, I thought it appropriate to introduce myself. I am applying to hopefully become a Warfare Officer (Submariner). I'm approaching my basic recruitment test and interview. Can anybody recommend any literature with respect to this officer position? The RN information sheets and website are not extremely specific with regards to the daily routines and lifestyles during deployments as a Warfare Officer (Submariner).

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Welcome to Rum Ration & good luck in your quest to become a Warfare Officer (SM).

Possibly the most accurate advice, in between the "witty" responses, can be best gleaned from the Submariners Forum. For that reason I'll move your post over there in the hope you can get some useful advice.
speak to your AFCO and see if they can get you an aquaint visit. Im going on one in march i will be spending three days down at HMS Collingwood seeing what the job involves.

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