Warfare Officer (submariner) training pipeline


Hi all,

I hope somebody can clarify something for me. As the subject title would suggest I am hoping to join the Royal Navy as a X(SM) officer and I am awaiting to hear when I will attend the AIB (it's been months now).

I've been trying to find a definitive answer to the actual training pipeline as I know that things have changed recently at Dartmouth, and what happens now with regards to IWOC etc.

I found a thread on this site (http://www.navy-net.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=15283/highlight=warfare+AND+officer+AND+submariner.html) which lists in good detail the order and times of training but I'm now worried that this information is dated. The Royal Navy website has very limited information with regards to this and my AFCO haven't been particularly helpful with my endeavour.

Does anybody have the most up-to-date information with regards to the training pipeline for X(SM)? As I am now confused about it and do not want to be giving out of date information during my AIB interview.

Thanks in advance.

Time at BRNC, then onto a 10 week package to complete your initial sea time, and then you'll go onto 6 months of bridge watchkeeping time. After that Initial Warfare Officers course; if you pass that then onto the Part III pipeline which will consists of Basic Warfare Course, Nuclear General Course and your SMQ(Dry) and then SMQ(Wet). The BRNC bit has changed, so I wouldn't like to comment TBH.


Cheers guys, at least I know I'm not going (completely) mad. You'd have thought it'd be something the OCLO would know!

Any further details would be greatly appreciated!

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