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I'm currently in the recruitment process, waiting to join the Navy as a Warfare Officer. I'm aware there are sub-specialisms within the role, however I am unsure what sub-roles there are for intelligence.

To become that type of sub-specialist as a Warfare Officer, do you need to have served as a general service Warfare Officer before you specialise further into that?

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We wax and wane depending on “needs of the Service”. When I was an OOW (swing lamp, but it was in this millennium) there were no direct entry sub-specs.

However, since then, we’ve had direct entry HM, MWO, FCs and Divers. And then all of those have subsequently gone back to 2nd tour sub-specs (although HM may be back to direct entry).

I think that by the time you get to IWO, it’ll have changed (again).

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

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