Warfare Officer specialisation???

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by hammers987, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone, hope all is well. This is my first post on here and im looking for abit of help please.

    I've got my Pre -AIB interview on the 27th jan, and I'm working hard revising the royal navy.

    My question is, what are the catagories you can specialise in as a Wafare Officer. I haven't been able to find somewhere with detailed answers. Also how much of the interview is navy knowledge based, and how much is personal questions eg why you want to join??

    Thanks very much for your help
    Adam :)
  2. Not knowing the actual answer to your question, I shall attempt to make some shit up that sounds about right until Ninja_Stoker, SuperMario or a serving Warfare Officer comes along.

    I think you can specialise as:

    Aircrew - Flies planes and helicopters.
    Fighter Controller - Talks to planes on radios and gets the air team to make him tea.
    Navigator - Draws on maps and charts and tries to not crash into things.
    Mine Warfare - **** knows.
    Amphibious Warfare - Is ridiculed by RM officers, usually thinks he is one.
    Comms - Tries to not lose Crypto.
    Diver - Walks around everywhere dressed in DPM, even at home.
    Hydrography and Met - Makes maps and looks at the BBC weather website.
    Submarine Warfare - Shhhhhhhh.

    Edited to add: I'm pretty sure all of these answers will hold up at AIB.
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  3. Amazingly (and for the first time in a while...) 2DD isn't spouting utter bollocks.

    Your sub-specialisations of choice are:

    Fighter Control
    Diving Officer (with a chance to become a Mine Clearance Diver)
    Hydrography and Met

    (Amphib Warfare is a RNR only choice)

    Most of these specialisations are at the Lt RN and junior Lt Cdr RN level, after which you will be expected to qualify as a Principal Warfare Officer and progress up the career chain. The only real exceptions to this are HM (who can become "Charge Surveyors" and make charts for us) and SM (who will do the "PWO(SM)" course, the new name for the Advanced Warfare Course). If you are selected to fly, you are expected to return to the wider Warfare world and do PWO Course. Selections for flying are limited (i.e. a couple a year), and you must be under 25 on the day you start flying training.

    Diving Officers used to be fully qualified as MCDOs from the off, however their courses have been split to make better use of their time, with an opportunity to specialise in mine clearance and IED disposal as a senior Lt RN, after at least 2 sea jobs.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. thanks guys. thats perfect :)
  5. Very useful, thanks very much.

    Out of interest is it mandatory / overwhelmingly common for people to specialise or is there a popular general service option?
  6. hey Adam

    at this stage navy knowledge is a good way to show drive to join, my ACLO still ribs me for turning up to mine in a somewhat "snazzy" suit with Jack Daniels cufflinks and belt. apparently he almost told me to go away there and then but the minute i started spouting off about forces knowledge he let me off (with a raised eyebrow admittedly...). they're not looking for muzzle velocity and radar bandwidths but if you're interested and spend a few hours familiarising yourself with classes and what they're used for it'll tick a nice box.

    to be honest i was pleasantly surprised even at the AIB with the service knowledge test, it was pretty broad but not too indepth so you shouldn’t stress about it at all. just spend some spare time here and there reading up on the service and current affairs.

    as to reasons for joining just make sure you have a basic idea in your head, you can play with it a lot more before your AIB but itd be nice if you weren’t just winging it on the day of the sift

    Good luck!

    EDiT: Also be aware of your training pipeline through BRNC and afterward =-)
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  7. nearly every warfare app i spoke to at AIB was just general service, the other branches are generally very limited intakes. General service leads you into being a navigator after normally spending a couple of tours as office of the watch. you'll also find you dual hat on board (i.e. have secondary jobs too), looking after confidential books for example, and you'll also be assigned a division of junior sailors who you will look after in any personal and legal issues.

    (N.B. to older guys, please be gentle with me if ive just spouted utter balls :hippy2:)
  8. There is something called the "cake split" which takes place immediately after IWOC, and again after your first job. This splits the junior Warfare population in the required career streams, based primarily on service need and individual aptitude.

    Each career stream needs a certain number to enter it every year, and it is the Career Manager's job to make sure that happens. Typically, if you are a volunteer for something (less so with X(P)/X(O)), and you can pass the aptitude, then you will head down that path. FC and Diving require an aptitude test, the others all run "acquaints" aimed at SFT(X)'ers and 1st job OsOW. You must be a volunteer to become a Navigator, although not specialising in someway or another may have some effects on your longer term career prospects. Nearly all of them are undermanned, but this does not guarantee entry into the sub-spec.
  9. WOW you guys are really good.

    To be honest I've been revising my bum off. I want to be able to go into the interview and impress, I'd like to think I'm pretty clued up, but there are a few bits and bobs that I am trying to strengthen up on as I am not 100 per cent sure.

    Could someone please clarify with some detail the training route for a warfare officer? I know the basics, but was just hoping someone could clarify in abit more detail. Just wanting to cover all angles really.

    Thanks again guys, much appreciated

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