Warfare Officer (SM) - Pointers/Advice/Warnings?

First off, I should say 'Hello' to the Rum Ration, and to the Submariners in particular

I've been researching it for some months, and have come to the conclusion that I'd like to go Warfare; and given the choice between Surface and Sub, I feel more of an affinity with those who don't see themselves as targets. Not only that, but I know that Warfare Officers are always in demand, and even more so within submarines

I've already been to my nearest AFCO, and completed the first two stages (already being on the system thanks to TA time at university helped speed things up), and am booked onto my recruit test - mechanical comprehension and speed numeracy need some work up, but I'm feeling alright about it.

Beyond that, is there anything in particular that I should be focusing on in my reading for the job, with a look towards the AIB ASAP? I freely admit that my knowledge with regards to the Navy is a bit patchier than it should be, and what with the current situation on the RN site being as it is, and am willing to absorb any information that may help me to get the job I want.

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