Warfare officer - ships or boats?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by buggerit84, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. *Disclaimer for the benefit of Hig: what I am about to ask I haven't found a direct reply for as yet, going to my AFCO is not always convenient and going in there I am just as likely to find a Crab or Pongo and they don't deal with occifers in theree anyway.

    Now, I will probably get some abuse for this but here goes anyway. I am currently applying for WAFU, but understand that the FATs are bloody hard and there's a fairly good chance of not getting the result I desire.

    With that in mind I have been thinking of what I could do if that does happen, and have decided that I would like to go as a Warfare Officer, but undecided whether I would prefer above or below the waves. Are there any current or former Warfare Officers from the Submarine Service and those on ships who would care to give me no BS advice and a taste for what each has to offer and is like please? Also anything from sailors or submariners from other departments would be welcome, so I canget some idea of what each environment is like, without the obvious skewing you get on the recruitment vids!

    And before anyone mentions any of these, I'm only 5'8" so not prone to smacking my head off of low ceilings, am not chlaustrophobic (or however the hell you spell it!), do not get motion sickness and spent 10 years at boarding school, so the idea of spending large amounts of time in a confined space with lots of other guys doesn't bother me - why else would I be applying for the Navy?! ;)
  2. Thanks PO! How's BRNC treating you?
  3. How do you get onto a fam visit (or whatever the RN term is, sorry spent too much time with Pongoes!)? Is that something you do through the AFCO? Something tells me pitching up to the gates of Faslane having waded through the mire of unwashed tree-huggers and asking for a look around wouldn't go down too well....
  4. Buggerit, aren't you being a bit too previous? You havn't even sat your FATs and are trying to organise family visits to BRNC.

  5. Hehe, fam visit = familiarisation visit! As far as army ones go it's basically a couple of days of getting wangered in the Officers' Mess with the young orifficers and playing around with large bits of kit - well that's for the cav and artillery anyway.

    Besides, I don't think I am being previous! I just want to join as quickly as possible - as much as I love Edinburgh I'm racking up too many ex-girlfriends and need to get away for a while!
  6. Oh, ok, my mistake. Sorry mate.

    Fair enough, sounds good to me.

    I'm 15 and applying for a sixth form scholarship for being a Pilot :) And as for the disclaimer about pig, just ignore him, I don't know what the hell his problem is but theres nothing wrong with your posts.
  7. Thanks, and best of luck, let me know how it goes! Are you wanting fixed wing or rotary?
  8. Well i'm thinking rotary , less competition and it just seems much more relaxed and friendly.

    How about you?
  9. Rotary primarily but I won't complain if they offer me fixed wing! I was certainly biult for harriers anyway, or subs for that matter!
  10. Contact your ACLO there is a Potential Officers Course held every now and again in Portsmouth, I think it is aimed at those with very limited Navy experiences or links to give them an insight. I haven't been on it myself, but your ACLO should be able to tell you more about it.

    How is BRNC? You get out what you put in, and at times, such as 0200 sat in a River on Dartmoor you will be wondering what the feck you are doing, however other times it is fantastic, it is challenging, but it is rewarding. And I have no regrets about joining.
  11. Yeahhh, i remember ten tors.
  12. Erm I don`t have a problem mate, correct me if i am wrong, you are fifteen years old? I hope to god that we have a Fleet Air Arm by the time that you join, make other plans young man, you know that it makes sense.

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