Warfare Officer Psychometric Pass Mark


Im looking to sit my RT Test soon (hopefully), and I know it is a bit away, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me the pass mark for a Warfare Officer and how much more difficult is the actual test from the online test and booklets because they are ridiculously easy?


I've sat and passed the RT twice good enough for warfare officer, I don't believe the pass mark is public. The test is harder than the booklet they give you but not by a massive amount. You've heard it before, but it's all about timing; on both occasions there were hopeful young candidates (one was even a vet) who failed to answer all the questions in time and subsequently failed to get the mark for their officer branch.

Practice wise. A library in my city had a collection of the How2Become practice books, the newer edition was probably the closest to the actual test.
  • Get access to a practice book, ideally through a library and ideally a newer edition.
  • Do every section timed, anyone off the street can answer these questions, the trick is being able to do them quickly.
  • Find where you can save time, even for just a single question. There will be numerical 2 digit multiplication question (e.g 34*12), are there fast ways to work those out and save yourself a good 30 seconds?

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