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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by decbelfast, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. hey all, passed my psychometric test today and was told to come back this friday at 11 for an interview with my afco careers officer, any advice on preparation, i know im going to have to know my role and in turn talk about myself, but is there anything you guys would recommend in the way of preparation?
    also the age for entry for warfare officer is 26? im 25 at the moment, do i need to be under 26 since my inital application or when i start training.....what is the answer :)? any help or advice would be great!
  2. If you use the search thing you'll find a couple of threads devoted to his topic. I have my interview this month and found it very useful.
  3. might be worth trying to be scouse cheeky! tell the afco youll have that job on the Lusty thats vacant :thumright:
  4. quote]might be worth trying to be scouse cheeky! tell the afco youll have that job on the Lusty thats vacant :thumright:[/quote]

    haha i reckon thatd go down like a bag of bricks!
  5. haha i reckon thatd go down like a bag of bricks![/quote] might be worth a long shot? the afco might be a scouser? :thumright:
  6. My ACLO went into quite a lot of depth with the questions.

    Who is 1SL, 2SL, CinC Fleet and defence sec?

    What is the defence budget?

    Tell me about the new aircraft carriers/T45/Astute?

    What can you tell me about a T23?

    What do you think about debt?

    What is your view on drug taking?

    Where is the RN and RM at the moment?

    What is your career path as a Warfare Officer?

    Why do you want to be a RN Officer?

    How are you going to feel if you have to kill someone or order someone to kill/fire at someone?

    These were just a few questions I got asked. I hope it helps.

    I think all ACLOs are different. I have been through 3 now (they drop like flies!! haha) and they have all had different questions, views and ways of preparing you.

    Good Luck!

  7. gees mate that sounds quite deep indeed...and where u prepared to answer these, from other members break downs on the inital interview it doesnt seem nearly as thorough????
  8. I've heard different things, I'm learning navy current affairs, key people and equipment just incase.
  9. My ACLO went through all those questions just to see if I knew the answers and if i had done any research into the Navy yet.

    I have done the AIB before and passed but didn't get offered a place. I had to go back to my ACLO on Monday and they were the questions which I had to answer and they had to be correct.

    I am not saying learn all the answers to those for your initial interview, but your ACLO will as if you have done any research and what do you already know about the RN/RM.

    It always looks good if you know a little bit and can show off slightly with your knowledge.. just extra brownie points really! :)
  10. anyway i think ive done as much reading as i can do, so ill go in tomorrow and give it a whirl....cheers for the help buds
  11. no worries! Good Luck!!

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