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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by informationplz, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Greeting ladies and gentlemen.

    Quick few details: I'm 20, male, have A-levels and want to be a Warfare Officer.

    Been reading a lot of Navy forums and ringing up the call centre. I am going to the Navy Careers Office in Leicester on Wednesday and I would just like some information off you learned users.

    Joining as an Officer.

    1. How long is the Officer contract, and what flexibility is there, after my contract has ended do I have to leave?

    2. What is the application process like, being 2012 and a recession, will scoring high on the RT not be enough to get to the AIB and BRNC?

    3. What happens at the selection interview?

    4. How long does the process take from inception to start of Initial Officer Training to then due completion?

    5. Any tips/hints/suggestions/websites that you feel helped you in your applications

    6. What happens at the AIB, and how should I best prepare for it?
    Same question for the BRNC
    Same question for the RT, Recruit Test.

    7. What fitness level am I expected to have when first tested? 50 press ups in a minute and 2.4km in under 11 minutes?

    8. After the pre-joining fitness test, how do I improve my fitness and suitability for the Navy?

    9. I live in Birmingham so how would I attend the AIB and BRNC? I know I can use the train, but I mean in terms of accommodation etc.

    I know I'm asking a lot, but I thank anybody who puts their time in to give a good answer, its a commendable thing.
    I have read many posts on this but the vast majority are from 2007 or earlier and I have been told the processes and tests have changed since then.

    Thanks for reading and any help posted.
  2. You should not expect to receive all this information handed to you on a plate! Work for it, use the advance search at the top of the page most of the info you need is there and it's current.
    Let's see if someone more "commendable" than I will come along and give you chapter and verse, good luck.
  3. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Or you can pay 54 quid and get this

    54 quid??? We are in the wrong job here chaps......
  4. If you live in Birmingham, why are you going to an ICP in Leicester?
  5. I'd like to offer some support to the OP before he gets bashed.

    I think the forum could do with a refreshed Officer selection thread. A lot of the threads I've found are out of date or old enough to question if they are out of date. The "everything you need to know" threads are several hundred pages long. Added to the offcial RN page having almost jack all info on the Warfare Officer pipeline and BRNC training in depth.

    I see the reply ring your AFCO a lot. Most of the time justified other times not. The feeling amongst candidates is that they don't want to call the AFCO unless totally nessesary. The reason being they are trying to get a job. If they are constantly ringing up asking (possibly stupid) questions then it could look badly on them. Not good when selection is so competitive.

    Mou Sea, you say he shouldn't expect it handed to him. Fair enough if the information he's after was on the RN website or on a Rum Ration thread we can trust. I feel it isn't but I'm sure somebody will try to prove me wrong :)

    I've seen several potential officers (Warfare inparticular) ask about the training pipeline. I'd hope as a forum we can put a new thread together with the most up to date info possible.
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  6. TangoWhiskey, good idea on the last paragraph, crack on.
  7. Off you go then and make is so.
    P.S. The OP should fit in well with the Warfare Officers, ask someone else to do your work, half way to an AIB pass already.
  8. Will do, it may take me a week or two to put together. I obviously want to cover everything and I'm rather busy with work at the moment.
  9. I read the heading of this post and thought that we had a junior Warfare Office at sea wondering what to do next.
    Just shout Zippo One and hope it's the right call.
  10. I'll have a crack at briefly answering them, but I can't stress enough you really need to show some initiative and get looking yourself. This website does have its uses, but far better will be to get a contact in the RN (anyone) or your AFCO to arrange somehow you having an acquaint with a serving Warfare (denoted by a X from now on) Officer. Almost everything I learned in the application process was by finding it out myself. I arranged visits to shore establishments and ships, serving personnel (ranging from fresh out of BRNC to sitting PWO and even a flag officer) and bugged my AFCO almost every week for new information/progress of my application.

    Please also remember ALL the info I give here is not official, I am not a careers officer and this is just my personal experience with certain matters....

    Bare in mind you will need to state what you've been doing since you got your A-lvl's and justify how you spent your time/made your decisions.

    Ask asked above, why Leicester? And yes, they will answer your questions and then some hopefully. However go with the questions as i've found that whilst my AFCO was a wealth of information, this had to be unearthed (it's not volunteered).

    Initial commission is 12years, with (I believe) full career 15 years. I am not sure how this is expanded, but it does happen. Ask your AFCO!

    I believe the RT is a set level and you should not worry about a high score in it so long as it qualifies you to the next stage. AIB is where it really counts (and although I would not be surprised if they took your application tests in consideration, the points themselves are earned in those 3 days). At my AIB there were candidates that genuinely confused me how they passed RT let alone SIFT, so if you put the effort in and/or have the natural genius don't be worried. Just give it your best shot.

    When I first applied last summer (now joining May), I was told I could have to wait up to 18months. You can speed up the process by regularly checking in with your AFCO, being curtious and enquiring what is next, how it's going, if you can speed it up anyhow etc. Many people don't do this and your enthusiasm and inquisitive nature ought to pay off! (or at least did for me). I also scored very highly in AIB hence getting first intake possible -- competition for X is stiff at the moment, but intake is ongoing four times a year.

    If it's SIFT you're talking about, it's your basic questions. Why do you want to be in the Navy? Why do you want to be an officer? Why warfare? Where are the RN in the world at the moment? Tell me something about [THIS] class of ship/aircraft. What is the job of the royal marines? Tell me about a time you led a team. Tell me about a time you managed a project. What do you do in your spare time?

    You get the gist. If you have a good answer for most of the above, you're well on the right track. It's a given that you'll be formally dressed, sitting in a relaxed but alert manner, plenty of eye contact etc etc.

    I believe IOT in Dartmouth is 30 weeks (including 9 weeks on ship) and then IWOF a further 14 weeks. Check this link here for my take on this.

    This one, royalnavy website, MOD website, etc. and (unfortunately) wikipedia.

    These would all be better asking your AFCO and read the threads on this forum.

    I was not tested on anything other than running -- pressups/situps etc. are not until BRNC. For your age I believe your fitness test is 2.4km in ~11min 12sec or so. Sub 11 min is fine, if I were you i'd get it down to a sub 10min standard as this will also improve your bleep test at AIB somewhat!

    This is a very broad question - check fitness/running forums. I would suggest circuit training, swimming and most importantly - RUNNING! At the least run 2+ times/week.

    Transport is provided by both, as is accomodation (both free for AIB, mess fee's at BRNC but these aren't a large part of your salary!).

    This last question implies you don't realise that BRNC is a live in college. You will be practically isolated for 10week periods at a time.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Three Tier Commission

    The Three Tier Commission (3TC) applies to all officers except Medical, Dental, QARNNS, Family Services (FS) and Careers Service (CS) officers. It consists of the following commissions:

    a. Initial Commission (IC) on which all officers (except some re-entrants and transferees from other Services) join, whether entering from civilian life or from the lower deck. The length of the IC, subject to retirement age and reserved rights for officers serving on or before 31 Mar 99, is branch dependent, as follows:

    X, E, L, and MS - 12 years
    RM - 8 years
    Chaplains – 6 years

    b. Career Commission (CC). A CC extends a career through to 16 years’ officer service from the age of 21, or from the date of entry as an officer (whichever is the later), subject to retirement age for all officers with the exception of those who joined on or after 6 Apr 05 or those who elected to transfer to AFPS05).

    For this group, the CC will extend to 18 years’ service from date of entry or until age 40 if later.

    c. Full Term Commission (FTC). This further extends a career to retirement age.

    Ref; http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/News-and-Events/Reference-Library/~/media/Files/Navy-PDFs/BR 3/br3book/ch49.pdf

    The recession does not affect the selection process & Recruiting Test scores have been significantly increased for Officers.

    The process:
    Royal Navy Recruitment Process | Royal Navy

    For Officers it's a Sift interview. process outlined above.

    http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/News-and-Events/Reference-Library/~/media/Files/Navy-PDFs/BR 3/br3book/prelims.pdf

    You should start the selection process for Officer about 12 months before your intended start date to allow plenty of leeway to re-visit any aspects of selection as required.

    Best advice is to verify all answers at your local AFCO. definitive reference source:
    Over 180 UCAS points | Royal Navy

    Download information book: http://c69011.r11.cf3.rackcdn.com/f087bc28096f46d9a5a928d6bd99facb-0x0.pdf

    Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth| Royal Navy
    Recruiting Test & Example Psychometric Tests

    For a male of your age, the Pre Joining Fitness Test is a 2.4 Km run on a flat treadmill in less than 11 mins 13 secs. No press-ups.


    QUOTE=informationplz;1078334] 9. I live in Birmingham so how would I attend the AIB and BRNC? I know I can use the train, but I mean in terms of accommodation etc. [/QUOTE] AFCO provide return UK rail tickets between UK residence and AIB & BRNC during selection.

    Edited to correct PJFT distance.

    Last edited: Mar 28, 2012
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  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Fully appreciate that some may not particularly like calling into their AFCO to have their queries answered but that's why they exist & they are the only official source of definitive reference besides the RN website.

    A string of questions, such as those posted by the OP are precisely the reason we have Initial Careers Presentations in each of our 57 AFCOs, every week.

    There are no official interactive RN Careers websites besides the RN & RM Recruiting pages on Facebook which is administered by Dataforce, a civilian marketing services provider, the same people who man the 09:00-21:00, 7 Days a week telephone enquiry line: 08456 07 55 55. The problem with Facebook is that there will inevitably be a lot of good-willed enthusiastic amateurs, besides the official advisers, so confusion sometimes enters the equation.

    There's an official RM Forum for those yet to join, but as yet the official RN Forum hasn't got off the ground. This forum, whilst quite handy for many, is completely unofficial & is no more a definitive recruiting reference source than sister site ARRSE.

    On here, I've had a few attempts at creaming-off the "best bits" & have unlocked the condensed AIB thread for worthwhile quotes to be added, so please feel free & I'll edit-out any outdated stuff any care to highlight:
    AIB Advice- The condensed version (Updated regularly)
  13. If it's any consolation, many Warfare Officers don't understand their training pipeline either! (having overheard 2 of God's branch ditting on in the gym this morning).
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Alternatively, an applicant could pay absolutely nothing & get the correct information direct from their prospective employer.

    For as long as there are those that feel they want "inside" information or those that somehow doubt the integrity of their careers adviser there will always be room for generating revenue.

    In fact, once the Naval Careers Service contract ends, I'd have to give serious consideration to operating as an independent adviser myself, perhaps highlighting the supposed 'loopholes' for the price of a small family car every couple of years.
  15. Fitness test is 2.4Km or 1.5 miles!
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  16. You are spoon feeding them again NS. Still it saved the CA in leicester answering all his questions at the ICP

  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Jeez, I reckon TB used to be my CO when I was stores POMEM(M) on a sweeper.

    Never once was one of my signals released without the dreaded 'red pen' coming out :D

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