Warfare Officer Application Questions

Hi all I've been searching around the forums for ages and can't seem to find the answers to my questions, I'm currently filling out the application form (as the tittle suggests) and on the medical part it asks what your blood group is. I don't know so I phoned up my GP and he didn't know and he said that most people don't unless you've had a blood transfusion or similar. So can I just leave it blank?

My other question is on the blue form where it says about your 1st and 2nd choices; do you have to put a second choice and how likely is it of getting your second choice? Or is just if I don't get the pass mark for my 1st choice of warfare officer?

Any help would be appreciated!
Hi Marshmallow,

While I'm no expert on the application process, I did call my AFCO to ask him these very two questions when I was filling out my application forms.

I was told to leave the blood type section blank as they would find this out at BRNC.

While it is not mandatory to list more than one branch preference in the form I was advised to list a second choice as it would allow me some flexibility if I did not achieve enough merit to be considered for my initial choice. I'm uncertain as to the likelihood of being offered your second choice if you don't achieve scores high enough to get you selected for your first choice. I chose not to list a second choice as I was set on my particular branch but whether this was unwise or not... I don't know.

It's really up to you I suppose. You're joining as an Officer first and that is how the RN will view your application. So, it's up to you to voice what you'd be happy doing during your commission.
Thanks for the reply Olly. The only problem with choosing a second choice would be that I wouldn't know what reasons to put for that choice see as I don't want that in the first place! Also, do you or anyone else know what marks you need for what branch at AIB? Because I could tactically choose something such as logistics which I think is very hard to get into as my second choice?

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