Warfare Officer - advice needed about my eligibility

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JollyBoyJohn, Jan 11, 2014.

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  1. Hi all, I’ve been lurking for a while and, as there are some people with experience as Careers Advisors and Warfare Officers on here, I’ve got some questions about my eligibility to join the RN. I’m looking to join as a Warfare Officer, probably General Service; however, I won’t actually be applying for another few months yet.

    This will be a fairly long post, but the context is important. When I was 17/18 I applied to join the army as an infantryman, however, I was talked out of it and persuaded to go to uni. After a few months at uni (during which time I joined the UOTC) I realised that the course wasn’t for me so I dropped out and applied to join the Army and the Royal Marines (both as an OR). I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to join so I thought I should get the ball rolling and I could decide later in the process which one I wanted to commit to.

    Unfortunately, at this point I injured my knee in an accident (this was spring 2011). I was just about to do my PJFT for the RM and was waiting for my medical to be processed for the Army. As I was going to need extensive NHS physio I dropped both applications so that I could sort myself out and re-apply at a later date.

    In March 2012 I was discharged from physio and began working towards getting fully fit. I achieved this by late 2012 and in November I re-applied for the army, again as an infantryman. In March 2013 I got a letter from the army telling me that I couldn’t apply until I’d been free from any joint pain for 12 months and had completed a 3 month army programme.

    As I was going to have to wait around for a while I started looking for things to do. However, in spring 2013 I ended up in hospital again as I’d suddenly developed cysts in my spleen. Cysts don’t sound much, but I was actually pretty ill for most of last year. It turned out that the cysts were totally random and are not connected to any disease or blood condition, they were just bad luck. I had an operation to remove them at the end of 2013. I’ve been told that if the cysts don’t grow back within 6 months then they never will.

    What has all this got to do with being a Warfare Officer? While trying to work out what to do when I was out of hospital, I had a bit of an epiphany. I realised that I’d been applying to the Army and RM for totally the wrong reasons. First, I was terrified of having to do anything academic, particularly maths. Second, I felt I had to prove myself as tough enough to match the other men in my family (my Dad and Great-Uncle have both been awarded for bravery and almost all of my male relatives have pretty extraordinary records). I thought that doing the most physically demanding job possible – infantry or Royal Marines – was the way to do that.

    I also realised that the variety of rubbish jobs (hotel porter, warehouse work, supermarket shelf-stacker) I’d done over the past few years were not what I wanted to spend my life doing. I realised that I wanted to be a Warfare Officer and to do that I needed to sort myself out. I started by hiring a maths tutor to help get my maths up to scratch, something I did over the summer and autumn of last year.

    That brings us to Jan 2014 and my questions.

    1) Is there a maximum number of times I can apply to join?

    2) When an RN Careers Advisor types my name into their computer, they’ll see I have 3 Army applications plus 1 RM one. I appreciate this makes me look like a muppet who keeps dropping out. Will I be booted out the door as a timewaster? What could I do to show that I’ve changed and I’m committed?

    3) How much academic support does a trainee Warfare Officer get? Although my maths has come on hugely through having a few months of tuition, I’m not the type who can read a textbook and instantly understand how to do stuff.

    4) When should I get in contact with the Careers Advisor? For the reasons I explained above, I’ll be waiting until at least 6 months post-operation before I actually start the formal application process, but would it be worth getting in touch with the careers advisor to discuss my situation?

    Medically I'm well on track. No knee pain for over a year and so far the post-operation signs have been very good with no indication that the cysts are coming back. Of course, I know that the RN Doctors will want to verify all this for themselves.

    Thanks in advance for reading all that and any answers you can give. I appreciate it.
  2. Cant answer most of this but as to the math, I can say my kid is going UY to warfare officer (hopefully when papers raised soon). She is doubling up with a Warfare officer now on ship doing bridge watches and learning navigation, course corrections and ship possition, bearings to other ships in relation to them, which involve trig and a fair bit of math. Speed distance time calcs and calculations for sunset and sunrise. Math seems to be a prety important part of warfare officer but I guess they will teach you all that stuff as long as you have the confidence and competancy.

    Good luck with the rest of your application Im sure Angry Doc and Ninja will answer the other questions.
  3. JBJ

    I can't comment on the medical issues, which do sound very unfortunate.

    How old are you and what would you be offering for your UCAS Points?

    Bear in mind that Officers have to reach a minimum score in all parts of the RT, including Numeracy, so you need to be sure that you can manage that.
  4. DruAde, what you've posted is pretty much what I expected maths-wise. Do you know if much of a trainee's time is spent shadowing the qualified officers, or is much of the training classroom based?

    Thanks for the reply Soleil. I think with medical issues I'm just going to have to send the medical form to the RN Doctors and hope for the best!

    I'm 21, turning 22 in a couple of months time.

    When I took my RT for the Royal Marines, the Careers Advisor actually suggested that I try for Warfare Officer, but for the reasons I've outlined above I wasn't smart enough to take his advice at the time. For him to suggest Warfare Officer, I must have passed RT with a decent score. I have 220 UCAS points at A-Level and a further 80 from 2 AS-Levels.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Assuming your UCAS points come from A Levels passed at grade D or better & still amount to over 180, all's good if you also have the 5 GCSE's (Inc maths & English), passed at grade C or better.. AS Levels only count if passed at grade B or better & do not count at all if the same subject is taken to A2.

    The good news with regard Officer Recruiting Test scores is that as of last Friday, the mechanical comprehension pass Mark was removed.

    With regard multiple applications, you're right that it sounds alarm bells & makes the AFCO reluctant to waste further time & money on anyone with a ropey track record. The advice is not to even step through the door until you are 100% sure you want to join, fully prepared for all elements of selection & truly committed. If you fail the recruiting test, medical, fitness test or SIFT the odds are you won't be afforded any leeway.

    Good luck.
  6. JBJ I really dont want to step on the members toes here as they know far more than I do. All I know is my daughter knows her trig and speed distance time calcs and she knows the rules of the road . She is being shown what is needed and what decisions need to be made under circumstances that arise whilst on ship. She has been given control of the ship for a few hours under strict supervision of course making course corrections and calculating ships possition ect which is nice cosidering she is an AB1 WE lol. I would imagin when you join ship you will be doubled up with an experienced officer at all times until you are deemed fit for purpose.

    I do think all warfare officers go to Collingwood to learn it all after BRNC. You can find some information on that here Maritime Warfare School Training Activities| Royal Navy. They do have some pretty mean simulators I understand. I would guess theres a lot of classroom time as well .

    I wouldnt dream of makeing any further statments on here without knowledge of the progression.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2014
  7. Thanks for replying Ninja_Stoker, I'm in the clear with all that. A Levels were all passed at D or better and I've got the 5 necessary GCSEs.

    Understood. I'll make use of the 6 months I have to work up my fitness and make sure I'm 100% committed.

    Thanks DruAde.
  8. JBJ

    You might like to start getting Navy News regularly from W H Smith or another newsagent, while you are laying the groundwork for a new application. Give some thought to possible examples of when you have shown leadership potential too.
  9. JCT

    JCT Badgeman

    Just to clarify.. has there been an introduction of a minimum pass mark for Officers? It seems silly to include a Mech Comp section in which you could score 0 alongside a score of 63 and still get through.
  10. Oh good, because what a branch founded on spatial perception needs is a simple first filter removed.

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