Warfare and Mine Clearance Diver ?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by IconicBuck, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. I took my RT 3 months ago and haven't continue in my application because I'm unsure what i want to do, i passed for warfare specialist + Sub, Steward, aircrew man and other one not sure which one though, i was looking at these jobs and warfare is the only one i liked the most out of the selection i was given, then i stumbled across diver, id like to have a got at that seems right up my street, but instead of getting my hopes up, i want to know what the RT pass mark for Diver is, so then i can be realistic about it.

    One problem is that i was never given my pass mark on my first RT just jobs i could do, so what is the pass mark for WS, then i can see how much i need to improve for MCD.
  2. Do you mean 'Aircrewman'. Has this changed then?

    Like a few branches within the RN you can, (could), only transfer to Aircrewman once you have qualified as a leading hand in own trade and recommended for transfer. I know there was talk to take 'direct entry' aircrewman a few years ago and like the Crabs the mention of a minimum of 3 GCSE's and automatic promotion to Petty Officer on successful qualification.
  3. i did mean Aircrewman, but i was not thinking of going in as Aircrewman otherwise i would go into the RAF, was wondering what the pass mark for warfare and mine clearance diver?
  4. Ask jimlaaad94 he is our resident subject matter expert on ALL diving matters.
  5. You confused me when you stated you had passed for aircrewman. As it wouldn't or wasn't an option from recruit I was merely asking have they started recruiting aircrewman from scratch!
  6. i would but I'm currently changing AFCO and until papers are changed over, i don't know which one to contact, so in the mean time I'm taking advise from someone on the internet.
  7. arrr i get you now, and yes they must be! it was a option on alternative jobs for me at least
  8. ill send him a message i guess ? thanks
  9. And he has left a lovely picture of himself all muddy on his profile so that the training staff can identify him, how thoughtful.
  10. Do you mean Aircraft Handler and not Aircrewman?

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