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Warbirds Calendar pin ups 2014


War Hero
Book Reviewer
I reckon February would be up for some action in her rear turret.

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War Hero
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I shall furiously **** over all of them.

Cheers for that.




War Hero
While we are on the subject of vintage fanny, readers could do worse than slap in a quick google for 'Carla Brown.' She specialises in this sort of thing.



While we are on the subject of vintage fanny, readers could do worse than slap in a quick google for 'Carla Brown.' She specialises in this sort of thing.


Just did. She looks like absolute trash; boggo, razzle-standard council blurt. I want my wasted google search back.


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I feel dirty and need disciplining.

What iron should I take to my penis?

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My mate was on a Tornado squadron up in jock land and one of the lumpy jumper pilots came into the line office and requested to speak to somebody about her flaps :)

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War Hero
I have visions of 12 tarted up models, camera crews and make up artists emerging from that hangar looking threaders, absolutely covered in gallons of ****.

I see SgtP has had cameras installed at my workplace...... fortunately I am on my hands and knees in the foam trying to recover my totalled kecks.
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