War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

[align=center]War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation Scheme[/align]

Do you require advice on either War Pensions or the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme?

Are you considering making a claim? Have you made a claim that has been turned down? Have you been given a pension or compensation that you are not happy with? Have you already sent in an appeal but would like some advice about it?

If yes, then the Royal British Legion is now organising advice clinics where one of their experienced Tribunal Representatives will be able to assist you. These are being held at RBL County Offices where you can telephone to make an appointment.

If you live in the Hampshire and surrounding area you can contact the RBL County Office, Eastleigh, on 023 8062 0900. The next clinics will be held 28th September to 1st October and then 20th October to 22nd October 2009. If you are not local to this area then please contact your local RBL County Office.

In addition, when Tribunals permit, there will also be a representative present at the Veterans Outreach Support (Portsmouth) and Advice Drop in Centre, held from 1400 to 1900 on the first Wednesday of every month, at the Royal Maritime Club, Queen Street, Portsmouth, but please telephone the RBL Hampshire Office on the number above first to ensure the representative will be in attendance and to make an appointment.
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