War Pensioner?? What a JOKE!!!

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by chrisgod, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. I am a newbie here and am bloody incensed at the NONE-Action of the supposed "War Pension Agency" what a waste of time this lot are! Well no that is not true of the lass I just rang at Centurion (Kate) VERY nice lady but actually by her own admission knew nothing of any help at all!

    Problem seems to be I am 20odd miles too far south for anyone to be able to help me out! Yes I chose to live in France and despite being unable to walk due to my accepted disabilities and this is CERTAINLY not helped by a herniated Disc at L4/L5 the Agency as it exists simply does NOT want to help me!! I have been waiting for a case to be convened to hear my tale of woe now for around 6 months. Will not be heard THIS side of the new year! In the UK I would get priority treatment paid for. 20 odd miles south? NOT a hope in hell!

    As for the back? Caused by the carrying of 100and odd pound shells in quite inhospitable seas in the SA that put paid to my shoulders and back! BUT as I was "coached" at the medical and I was 99% guaranteed to be retained in service I mentioned nothing of any other disabilities and by the time I was through being shafted I had NO chance! I mean I was diabetic as well by this time but even this was covered up! All my F med. 4 notes were weeded and all the NASTY ones were taken out. I was a person who the RN could NOT afford to let go and despite some 240 short borne in the specialisation I was gone!

    BUT question is is anyone else in a similar way aflicted by the WPS and is able to offer some sound advice please??

  2. You're making some serious allegations here that the Internet will clearly not be able to answer. There is a well established appeals process which you could use or, failing that, get legal advice.
  3. When I left I joined the Royal British Legion and they helped me with all the paper work and process, if you are inside your first 7 years outside (that may have changed) any medical, disability that you believe is down to the mob or was made worst by the mob, it is up to the mob to categorically prove it was not them.
    I had about 3 or 4 medicals over about a 18 to 24 month period, Keep a copy of anything you send them as they sent me lots of similar forms with the same or similar questions to answer, both I and her indoors thought they were taking me for a ride, but eventually a cheque arrived covering all the back dated payments to my original claim date, then told me how much I would receive and when from that day on.
    If you are considered 19% disabled or less you get a lump sum but this does not stop you applying again if you get worst, claim against original claim.
    20% and over you will get a weekly pension, hope this helps
    Help can also be found at
    Pension and compensation schemes for the Armed Forces, veterans and their families
    This is run by Citizens Advice Bureau
    War Disablement Pensions
  4. Many thanks Sumo, your tale of woe is JUST what I did myself. I first left and was awarded a 1/5% and then went to claim a higher sum and got myself an award of 6/??% and again went to another claim and was awarded then ??/19%. Again told I should get more I kept going back and after a tussle got myself a 20% and then 40%!! And when I went again was told it could be made into a lesser payment at which point I'm afraid I snapped and had a go at the iron knickers sitting as chair! She was NOT happy but the RBL chap was full of praise for me! And he told me I was actually written up as being 40% but was actually 49%?? Now I obviously don't know if it is true or not and could bore you al some more with my ailments! BUT suffice to say I am more or less bed bound now and only get out to tend the wife as he broke her ankle recently!

    BUT I have another claim in at present and yet again I think living in France is doing me NO good! I rang centurion yesterday and the lady (Jackie) said sorry but there is NOTHING I can do to help you at all! And nice as she was it is a bit off putting eh?But I still need to know if anyone has had a situation similar and how they worked it out?


  5. Cheers Doc, advice from you I suppose is as good as it gets?? BUT Unfortunately it is money of which I am sadly lacking! BUT as to the messages I do keep ALL my messages and so can refer back??
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