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War pension - making a claim


I have found out that i am apparently entitled to claim a "war pension", as i suffered an injury during my time in the corp, Has anyone else been through the claim process, and if so how easy is it to claim

I must admit, having just downloaded the form from the mod website, they need to know a lot of details, cant remember the exacts dates, and witnesses, but if anyone can help with any info

When i shagged my knee i was in HQ and Sigs Sqn, and the year i did it was in 89 in Norway, and the last day of the exercise (would you believe it), anyway one of the things i cant remember is the name of the CO, i thought it was either Maj Hayward or Hancock, Anyone remember? he was behind me when i did it and helped me ski the rest of the way down to the medic tent and the transport

Later found out that i had torn all the ligaments in my knee and damaged the cartilage, which was later taken out

So if you have also made a claim or can help with any of the above, any help would be appreciated

Have also posted this on once a marine always a marine website forum board

Regards Bert
If you were given a medical before you left the Marines they should have given you the options of a war pension depending on your state of fitness.

If you were declared fit on discharge it may be a bit naughty claiming.
However the leg problem should have been on your Medical Documents.

See if you can find a SSAFFAB address from your phone book and have a word with them [Soldiers,Sailors,Airforce and Families Association]
Appreciate what your saying, but don't think it is in the least bit naughty, if i am entitled to make a claim then why should'nt i, after all it all about quaulity of life, my life.

Thanks for the advice, i don't expect to get much, but if the government have their way, i will be loosing 30%, yes 30%, of my pensionalbe pay, if they get their way, and base their calculations on may basic pay, and do not include shift pay and weekend enhancements

regards Bert
Whether or not you were discharged fit or unfit is immaterial. If you have a service attributable injury (even if it manifests itself after discharge) you are entitled to a War Pension or some form of lump sum. Which one will depends on the percentage of your disability. There is a War Pensions Advisory Service and this should be listed at your local CAB. Don't give up on it. Drag your memory for any other injury that has left you worse off than the day you joined. Most ex-booties will be slightly deaf (pardon!) will have shot knees, ankles and backs and maybe a little bit mentally unhinged (PTSD). These little niggles all add up in the percentage stakes.

Once you claim, the search through your medical records will commence so don't worry about dates. They'll all be listed. You will be medically examined by a GP and possibly a Trick Cyclist. Don't be a hero and say " Oh it's nothing Doc" , tell the truth warts and all. Then just wait out............ Your pension will be backdated to the day you first claimed. Don't ignore the Lowered Standard of Income Payment. If because of your injury(ies) you are receiving a lower salary than you were in the RMs you may be entitled to this extra top-up.

Don't feel guilty - the system is there to be used so use it!

Bert, if you haven't got a copy yourself, what used to be RNH Haslar now holds med records on discharge. I don't know how long for or the contact details but I'm sure CTC will have them

If it is of interest,whilst serving as ships company on HMS Victorious in 1960/62 we were de-ammunitioning ship when I dropped a bomb on my hand crushing 2 of my fingers.All sorted and 20yrs later as a serving Police Officer I decided to get the ness forms from the war office, I think at the timer in Brom which I completed. 6 weeks later I received a visit from a MOD doctor who examined me.A few weeks later I received a cheque for £4000.
Despite having an injury I picked up whilst attached to the royals I was discharged fit, but they told me to seek a war pension medical in case things got worse. The idea is not about getting any money but getting the mob to admit accountability. Once they have done this you are set. The main thing is (god forbid) you might end up in a bad state in 30 years time, but if they have admitted responsibility then they have to take care of you accordingly.
I personaly hate the compensation culture and was loathe to claim until they explained this to me. I just put rough dates and stated the unit I was with and that it was in the accident book, I also stated civvy docs I had been to see as well. A civvy doc came to my house asked me loads of questions and gave me a medical (on a sunday no less), and it wasn't long before they sent a letter saying I was 30% disabled ?????
News to me but now I get a pension every month.
Go for it mate, they focked you up, they need to take care of you.
Good luck.

I applied a few years ago beacause the back pain I experienced in the mob got worse, I filled in the form as best I could and was given the most comprehensive medical I have ever had at home by an ex RAF Doc a while later I recieved a pension, which is now £100 a month + free painkillers, anyone want an Ibuprofen?
The Doc also recommended I saw my doctor and tell him I am suffering from Sciatica and lower back pain, and that I should have a CT Scan. This showed I have Osteo ARthritis in the lower part of my spine, which I believe to be caused by humping 25 kg bags of spuds and boxes of meat up and down ladders and inside the restricted areas of stores and freezers.

You need to fill the forms in as best you can, if you can't remember names give as much info as possible., they will check facts, you could check with SSafa or RBL, but, the important thing is get the forms sent off.

I also believe there is a time limit, I am sure I was told 7 years but, I
could be wrong there.

I think I am up for a review next year
I spent 11 years in the FAA and left in 1980. In 2002 I started another job as a Campus Patrol officer at Cardiff University and as part of the joining medical I underwent a hearing test. They discovered that I had a hearing problem and upon closer exam they saw scarring on my eardrums. I was talking to an ex pongo at work and he advised me to contact my local British Legion main office in Cardiff and tell them that it was beleived that the hearing problem was caused by working in close proximity to jet engines for 11 years. They in turn sent forms to my local SSAFA rep who interviewed me and took details of my service. These forms were sent away and a short time later I had to attend at my local hospital to undergo extensive hearing tests. A couple of months after that I had to be examined by a doctor appointed by the DHSS. Anyway as a result of all of this the medics decided that my hearing problem amounted to a 5% disability caused by my 11 years in FAA. However, to get a permanent disability pension you have to have at least 20% disability. So they paid me a one off payment of £2,000.
In all the whole process took about 6 months and it did not cost me a penny. The Legion and SAFFA were great.
Re: War pension - made a claim

Just an update for you

have gone through the process, i have been awarded £2400, and assessed at being 10% disabled, (you need 20% at least for a pension) with free prescriptions relating to my knee, and if things get any worse can recontact them for another assessment

Cheers all
Old Hand mate, went throught the same thing myself. Used the RBL.Got the interim award of about £2000, but a few years later(about 4 or 5) I went back to them to see if they would help me to obtain a TV that had a socket for ear phones. I know that sounds funny nowadays, but thet just weren't available back then. Anyway to my surprise, back came a letter with an appointment to a BUPA hospital for further checks. There had been further deteriation in my hearing and was awarded a "War Pension" citing a 27% hearing disability.
The actual conditionwas caused by working in close proximity to running A/c on carrier decks. It's call Audio Sensorial Nerve Loss.
I suppose what I am saying is, don't give up and go after what you rightly deserve.

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