War memorial desecrated for scrap value

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by plymwebed, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. A bronze plaque listing the names of The Fallen has been stolen from Plymouth War Memorial and police believe it may be melted down as scrap.

  2. Unbelievable! The depths some people will sink. Was it stolen for scrap for by one of the anti-war groups as a publicity stunt I wonder?
  3. Even anti war groups have certain standards. Mind you have AWG then the scum just out to give somebody a good kicking or trash whatever comes their way under the guise of AWG.

    Many moons ago this happened in the old town. It was a piss head who took the lot to the local scrap dealer. Not sure how they found out. Anyways he was given community work for being a naughty piss head. It was not really broadcast that he was caught due to the fact he would have probably ended up part of the M6 Thelwall Viaduct extension concrete reinforcing.

    He had learned the error of his ways on the community work befriending a Lady who had also been naughty having strangled her child, a romance blossomed and they went on to live in a bedsitter flat together. Of course money was short so they hatched a plan to steal from the fellow in the next bedsitter.

    She kept lookout. Damn!!! The fellow woke up! Not for long though he was soon back to sleep after piss head caved his skull in with a hammer.

    The War Memorial was refurbished and new plates added. It was then sprayed with paint by the local hoodies all over the white stone. Now they have it fenced in. It was nice to go look at the names and sit and think of the words.

  5. With more and more people in this fair Isle who don't give a sod for anything or anyone but themselves, this can only get worse. We will probably get to the point where such memorials are made of something materially worthless (as scrap), such as fibre glass. What mark of respect does that display to the poor buggers who gave their all? At least bronze or brass confers dignity and timelessness.

    There are probably 2 guilty Parties here; the turds who actually removed it and the other turd or turds who processed it for scrap (fine slice guillotine (if only that could still be a form of punishment!) or a smelter).

    I suspect that if this had been an anti war gesture, the perpetrators would have "claimed credit" for it by now. They are usually publicity seeking creatures.
  6. Once the scumbags have ben caught and convicted they should be sentenced to carry out some form of community sevice.

    It would have to be:


    At night

    Out of range of any CCTV cameras

    Close to Stonehouse Barracks

    I'll leave the rest to your imagination
  7. I felt physically sick and unbelievingly angry when I read the report and saw the photo.
    In the unlikely event that the perpetrators should be caught, I am a great supporter of Ballistic's idea, with a bit of Muslim anti-thievery treatment thrown in for good measure.
    Who breeds these people?

  8. Had a friend staying with me a couple of weeks ago , we spent the Sunday up that area , lovely sunny day , few phots , makes me sick that there are scumbags around like this , no respect at all for anyone or anything , sad or what :rambo: :rambo:
  9. Utterly shameful!!

    But whats to stop them from doing this again? There is absolutely no deterrent for people who commit these acts anymore. Community Service? ASBO? Police Caution? Don't make me laugh.

  10. They must have heard you.

    3 more plaques were stolen last night. I despair.
  11. Out walking the dog in the old town a while back.

    Thought nip over the bridge go over the fields.

    The concrete path was still there the rest of the bridge and been stolen.

    Built out of aluminium and bolted to the deck the knobs just came along and took it apart.

    The comical part was informing the council somebody had stolen the bridge eventually she believed me,

    So they replaced the bridge with aluminium once again. This time they welded it down!!

    No problem just get the whizzer and whizz away. Guess who phoned the council yet again!!

    I heard this bang one night I thought somebody had come of their bike and hit the fence.

    I looked over the bridge and there is this knob kicking the wood panelling out.

    Who you looking at lad want me to come up there he shouted.

    I looked at Ben my Ridgeback and thought please do it will save feeding Ben. I phoned plod. Another episode out walking and I heard this hammering.

    This total scumbag was taking down the fence alongside the M62 and along with his young sons loading it onto a trailer. The field was full of horses!!

    I phoned Plod and they asked when did this happen I said it is happening now on the far side of the M62. Car on the way!!

    We have the famous scrap yard in Widnes on any day of the week you can sit and watch the travellers hurtling along at breakneck speed pick up vans/trucks loaded to the heavens. HGV and he would be stopped. Not Mr Travelling Man.

    Is there that much scrap in the area that these people can arrive a few times a day with scrap. More than like if it aint bolted down it is scrap!!

    I remember Mr Jones the scrap man big fat cnut helping the environment.

    The tankers would arrive at his scrap yard late at night and discharge all the chemical shite into the drains at the back of his scrap yard. He was charging a few hundred per tanker for this service to the community.

    I recall he was fined a ridiculous figure that makes it worthwhile taking the risk. Which is normally the case is it not!!
  12. I've just been talking to the CWGC about this. To say they're livid is an understatement.

    It will cost them £10K to replace the plaques - luckily they have a full record of everyone on the missing plates, so that at least is some comfort.

    Apparently it's not an isolated case; the lass I was chatting to said it wasn't uncommon for scumbags to take lead piping from some RAF memorials and metal swords and crosses from some CWGC cemeteries.

    I'm glad that the case is receiving widespread publicity although whether it will shame these scum into returning the stolen plates, I fear not. If you're low enough to steal from hallowed ground, I guess you're pretty much shameles... :threaten:

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