Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Always_a_Civvy, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. I was of two minds whether to post this link here. I will remove it if requested to do so. If the poll if negative I will remove it after 7 days if not sooner.

    However I thought it might be worth posting - it depicts the realities of the current war in Iraq. It is very unpleasant. It shows suicide bombings and the effects of those attacks - the things that are censored by our media so that the public don't get to see what happens to soldiers and human beings generally in war. If the public saw this sort of thing on the news servicemen might get treated with a bit more respect by a cynical public, and might get treated better generally!

    I personally think every apologist for suicide bombers in this country should be forced to watch it. I also think Fred Phelps, a US preacher who has been staging offensive protests at the funerals of US servicemen killed in this conflict - should be forced to watch it with his congregation and be televised doing so.

    The video is 16m 21s long. The last few minutes are especially harrowing!


  2. I think the way things are going YOUTUBE will be getting pulled soon.

    You name it is on there.

    In Northern Ireland they are looking for some sicko who put his bit on biting the head of live mice.

    Problem with live atrocities on the screen is after a while the human race eventually get accustomed to it and watch it while having tea. What is real and what is fake with the movies about these days that kids canna watch but they do.

    No wonder we are hearing about murders each and every day and usually the assailant is getting younger each time. With having a warped mind and warped parents no doubt.
  3. I understand your viewpoint and share it regarding the frequent showing of shocking images. In fact if this sort of stuff was televised you would probably kill quite a few people with heart problems off. My point really is that people often do not appreciate the consequences of war. They have Hollywood stylised versions of what it involves. Had Bush or Blair served in the forces and seen this sort of thing I seriously doubt they would have so readily found an excuse for invading Iraq, however exasperated they were with her persistant violation of UN rulings, etc. The general public might also be less sanguine towards politicians calling for a war to solve every little problem were they fully conversant with the human consequences. Most have no idea.

    Personally I felt physically sick after watching this. This morning I woke up and felt sick. I keep seeing those final images of skeletons and people dessicated by extreme heat, reminding me of the consequences of people caught in pyroclastic flows - I have seen some horrible things over the years but those images were especially haunting.

    For those here who condone the killing of our servicemen or those on both Right and Left who are apologists for terrorism against Israel, for example - this should be compulsory viewing - they should be spared nothing.
  4. Can't open it. :(
  5. I found that video extremely harrowing, I freely admit I was close to tears when that guy from the helicopter (i think) was shot. It just shows you how evil these vermin are and makes me want to drop sarin on the whole damn area.

    rant ends

  6. It is sickening to watch, but thats whats happning over there in real life. This aint a Hollywood action flick where people suffer a felsh wound - our people are dying every day in the most horrible circumstances and inevitably leaving grieving families behind.

    We shouldnt shy away from it, bury out heads in the sand and pretend all is fine. The general public and in particular these fekin muppet anti-war protestors need to see this and a few beheading videos to realise who the bad guys are here.

    Sorry for the rant but this topic really grips my sh*t. STAB Im with you mate - wipe the bstrds out!!
  7. My worry is that it'll do for Iraq and Afghanistan, what the TV reporting did to Vietnam. i.e. mobilise public opinion against the troops and the war.

    Majority of the public believe that are troops are the dogs bollocks and won't want any more killed, and the Anti war lobby will push to withdraw because of the atrocities.

    There is a job still to be done, whether we are being served well politically and we are going about it the right way is still up for debate. But the job has to be done, it can't be abandoned. Jihadists will see it as a victory, a power vacuum will follow and the fight will be brought to our doorstep ...even more than it is now. And 1,000's of troops will have died in vain!
  8. I conceed that point imom. Perhaps something for later?
  9. Good skills Stab.
  10. I have no objection Stab. Personally I agree with Spenny, bar the dropping CW on the place. I wouldn't wish the effects of nerve agent on anyone, especially the long-term effects when exposed to small doses!

    Not sure about the limp-wristed liberals bit though. I'm socially liberal and gay! Bless you! I forgive you! :lol:
  11. Which video on the site is it?
  12. Cheers again spenny.

    Hig, if you click on the link at the start of this thread, then register with utube, then log out of it and back in again you should be able to get it.

    just a side note, arrse has scrapped my thread, although I do understand why.

  13. AAC

    don't worry mate, i am socially liberal on certain issues, i am speaking of the muppets who seem to dictate policy at the moment without any regard of the general feeling. It's a bit like the local councils who object to the St George flag in England, that grips my sh*t big style. I was born in Dublin and if the Corporation (council) did that with the tricolour over there then they would be in the dole queue the next day.

  14. :lol:
  15. Yep ive just kicked up a fuss as to why it has been binned on ARRSE . It
    has really pissed me off that it has been binned . If you dont like the
    video then dont click on the link , register with YOU TUBE , then find
    the correct video , then watch all 16 mins of it . Get my drift . The video itself is not entirely true , as the old bodies at the end are Iraqis from
    the Time of Saddam .Also the bit where the yanks are on a Balcony are
    actually watching an F-16 drop a 500LB bomb on a house full of insurgents
    in Fallujah and the yanks were a little too close ,(they all survived with just
    a few cuts) .
    The video shows what complete loons and coward s we are dealing with over there .
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    A picture paints a thousand words:

  17. I was prepared to make myself pretty unpopular on these forums. I had all the arguments ready, the way the French in WWII were "heroes of the resistance" because they were on our side (well, those who weren't collaborating and shopping downed Pilots, anyway), yet the Iraqis are "terrorists" because they're not. I was going to remind everyone that these guys see themelves as defending their homeland against a vastly superior invading force - us. They use carbombs, mines and mortars because that's how you fight a guerilla war against a superior force, etc, etc...

    I was honestly prepared to say all of that, and nothing I'd seen in that video had changed my opinion, right up until the point where the survivor from the helo takedown was talked into getting to his feet, then calmly and repeatedly shot to death while the guy with the camera didn't even get excited.

    These guys are not freedom fighters, they are not resistance members. Anyone who can do what I just saw to another defenceless human being without even having the excuse of getting angry is just a murdering piece of shit. End of story. The scumbag who executed that pilot is not doing it because he loves his country, he's doing it because he enjoys it, the war's just his justification.
  18. Scribes wrote: These guys are not freedom fighters, they are not resistance members. Anyone who can do what I just saw to another defenceless human being without even having the excuse of getting angry is just a murdering piece of shit. End of story. The scumbag who executed that pilot is not doing it because he loves his country, he's doing it because he enjoys it, the war's just his justification.

    Good point and well made. Unfortunately those who would lobby against what we're doing will never see it. They've convinced themselves of the righteousness of their own cause at the expense of all others. They should be ashamed of themselves; should be, but won't.

  19. Those scum bags are as much freedom fighters as a bacon butty eater is a veggie.

    All the time you hear about we are fighting for the people but it is the people who are being killed. Every day you hear about twenty four blown up by suicide bomber.

    Who has now gone to meet his gang of virgins. If it is that good why is Bin Lid still here!!

    Hacking somebodies head off and shouting God is good. For fecks sake who is this God that they pray to while promoting evil.

    French resistance and Italian I may add all fought the enemy of the people not blew everybody to kingdom come. Even the RAF sent in the mossie to blow the crap out of the Gestapo HQ and that there prison break long ago without as far as I know killing civvies.

    Same as in WW2 we had all these neutral countries sitting back. Did they honestly think that the Nazi Empire would leave them alone when they had conquered the rest of the world.

    This scum in the cess pit of Iraq and Afghan will not sit back on the countries being neutral you will get it one day just for being western or christian they are out and out scum who use religion as a excuse for killing.

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