War hero soldier stabbed to death


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Disgusting. A sad reflection of the country. It's happening all the time though and nothing is being done about it.

RIP buddy. See you in the FRV when it's my turn.


War Hero
Ja5on said:

Survived a war zone but couldn't survive the home war zone. Britain is being overrun with criminals. Cowardly knobends hope they get a long sentance.
I hope when they find the culprits they hang draw and quarter them(and thats too good )its all they deserve :x


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Maybe there is an upside having such a high percentage of ex-servicemen in the nick - there's bound to be one of then that will met out some payback, and when he does I will raise a glass to him, and if he gets caught, I will make an effort to donate to his brief.

the basterd deserves to hang
A sign of the pathetic times we are living in I am afraid. I have often thought be so nice to have the SLR now and ping a few.

Took in a quick six miler this evening of course the car full of yobs had to shout abuse while passing, a regular thing. The week before it was car pulled up they took a look thought best not sped off. Who breeds this shite walking the planet.


This disgusting attack happened only 3 miles from where I stay, isnt a really a renowned place for that type of thing, but hope the d**ks get a heavy sentence :x

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