War hero beaten up in home

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tomm90, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Effing disgusting :(
  2. I'm speechless. What are things coming to?

    Just look at the photo of Mr Schofield - that poor man ......
  3. It's disgusting anyone is put into that state.

    Some people out there need to be shot
  4. When they get the little s***ts :evil: - they'll claim self defence probably.

    Perhaps the time is ripe for some form of vigilante group :threaten: - purely as self defence of course ??
  5. Beyond any words from me

    The poor old man is going through an awful lot and I do hope that service charities, and others, are offering him all and every assistance he needs to get past the traumas
  6. What is probaly even more disgusting is that if it hadn't been a "war hero" and arounf Armistice Day would this have even made the local rags never mind the national news.
  7. Morning Gents.

    I've trekked over from the green side. I will be in comms with Bob's son by early doors tommorrow to see if there are any urgent needs. If so I will be getting out the begging bowl. For those that don't know Bob is one of your mob so as well as asking my fellow ARRSER's for cash I'll be asking you guys if you can chip in as well.

    I'll update as soon as I have something to tell you.

  8. No worries AB, let us know mate :)
  9. Sadly I witnessed any elderly lady bought into casualty the other night here in Staffs having being beaten up.
    She died the following day.
    This is getting to be far too common and needs to be dealt with asap rather than pussy footing around we ought to bring back hanging!
  10. Shocking bring back the vigilante!!!
  11. Let us know what he needs and we'll dig in our pockets for him.

    Have they found the buggers who did this yet??


  12. Poor bugger looks a mess. Some people have no shame. How could anyone with a conscience do something like this? They'll probably end up pawning their loot for a pittance just to get another hit of their favourite drug.

  13. When they find them how about putting them in a locked room with a group of Tri-Service personnel for half an hour (We should all be represented to make it fair to all services :thumbright: ) I'm sure our current serving brethren would give them a "stiff talking too" that they wouldn't forget in a hurry.
  14. Now that wouldn't be seen as fair as it would impinge on their human rights ... unless of course we could successfully argue the case that they are not in fact human afterall.


  15. Sorry SF, got to disagree with you. They are only too human. No other animal would do this
    to another of its own.

    Truly horrific.

    Perhaps the wider question should be why? Perhaps blame the parents for allowing their "offspring" to do this, but wouldn't that mean that we would need to look rather too closely at ourselves?

  16. It's hard to imagine a more heartless, cowardly and despicable attack and to have happend on the 11th ...words fail me when I see this...

    Hard to understand that these old salts fought for these young thugs to live in a free democratic society.

    An old salt too, and they were tough convoys from Scapa Flow to Murmansk

    Anyway I hope your RNA and RBL etc help the couple recover and that the community has not forgotten them.
  17. I hope the animals that did this to him get to feel the physical let alone mental pain this poor man is going through.

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