Discussion in 'The Corps' started by TurboThreaders, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. I would consider my self a conousseir, admittedly one who cannot spell, of war films. however, up until today i had absolutley no idea that the film "An Ungentlemanly Act" existed. for those who don't know (which doesnt appear to be many judging by those i have since spoken to)it is about the run up to the argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands and the initial defense put up by the RM stationed there. Iit's an absolute gem and should be compulsory viewing for any RM nod! best part has to be one of these three:

    1) "F#'~ OFF YOU SPIC [email protected]{;}~?DS!"

    2) The pre invasion speech to the bootnecks by the Maj.

    3) Nanny leaving government house with a bottle of gin under one arm and a portrait of the queen under the other.

    So, does anyone else know any classic hidden war film gems (i.e. ones that werent in channel 4's top 100 war films)? particularly British ones.

  2. If you view the extras on the dvd that was deleted you will find near the end when the governor surrendered "Not you cnut" when a bootie refused a argie entry into the mansion house which the producer thought was ott.

    My best part was the knobhead going to work through the FF. bootie shouted hey you knobhead get out of the way. Knobhead shouted to Royal dodging the incoming. I it's all right for you but some of us has to get to work. Brilliant!!

    Was not happy with Royal on the beach having a fag then leaving the Gympy behind not even removing any working I know get the fcuk out of here BUT!!. Not a bad movie though.
  3. Top film, especilly in how the bootie handled the press..."You sir...fcuk off!"

    I also recommend "Blessed by Fire" which came out recently and is the first Falklands war film made by the Argentinians. I was a bit worried expecting lots of anti-British rants but overall it is a very, very good film. It is also unusual in that it shows what it is like to be on the receiving end of a British arty/NGFS and a very, very scary battle scene from "the other side." Normally in our films (obviously) are filmed from the attacking side, not the receiving end!

    Motto of the film should have been "Don't fcuk with the Gurkhas!"

    There is also an excellent, if brief, appearance by a Sea Harrier in probably the best scene of an fighting aircraft I have ever seen.

    The film is a bit slow at times but well made and the ending is particularly moving. Watch it as a double bill with An Ungentlemanly Act.
  4. I am off to Amazon .co .uk to order my copies now
    Thanks Lads
  5. "the odd angry shot" an aussie film about a section out in the ulu, the dialogue and the the fact that they actually get the fieldcraft right. its nam,but still sparkles to this day an essence film if ever there was one.
  6. Another that doesn't get much press ( I think it's a Japanese conspiracy) was "The Highest Honour", a group of Australian/British commando's during WWII and their act of sabotage at Singapore and their (spoiler) capture, trial and execution( considered a war crime, was why the Japanese tried to have this movie stopped/banned).


    Also Known As:
    Heroes of the Krait (Australia) (video title)
    Minami jujisei (Japan)
    Southern Cross
    The Highest Honour: A True Story (UK)
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Had an urge to satisfy my war film urges the other day, and did a Clint Fest. I watched his two recent films:

    "Flags of our Fathers",
    I was pleasantly surprised by the level of realism in this film; very much in the same field as the opening 20 chapter of "Saving Private Ryan" but then delves into the politics back home in the US, to raise awareness (and funds) for the war effort.

    But this film cannot be viewed without watching Eastwood's accompanying piece, "Letters from Iwo Jima",
    To be honest, even though they are both by the same director and share some footage, I feel this film is totally diferent from the first and is a real gem, as very few films show the account of a well-known engagement from the side of the opposition. And despite the language issues (the film is entirely subtitled, but do not let that put you off), you soon develop a strong empathy with these soldiers, who are driven by so many different issues other than national pride. For example, the concept of retreat and regroup is alien to the Japanese forces - some of the scenes revolving around these conflicting emotions are quite graphic and harrowing.

    Although Iwo Jima did not involve British forces, these epic films should be watched by any fan of the genre. :thumbright:

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