War film help

Yangtse Incident.

Master & Commander (a bit Hollywoodish, but not too bad)

I would have added U571 - just too Hollywoodish.

Sky has been showing some B&W naval movies recetly, one keeps coming back with Sid James and Gene Kelly !!
Kelly as a US Naval Officer attempting to find out why divers riding torpedoes keep exploding prematurely, and Sid as a rating.
The place looks like a post-wartime shore base somewhere.

And, No, Gene Kelly is not dancing in it :p

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Most of these movies are shown on a regular basis during the day on Film4, if you keep an eye on the schedule you should be able to tape most of them on your digibox (or whatever you have).
A brilliant film, which is also on More4 or Film 4 often, is The Ship That Died of Shame. The film is based on a Hammond Innes story of the same name and is about the crew of an MTB who, post war, are forced to use their craft (now, along with the former crew, de-mobbed) for smuggling. There are a lot of flash backs to channel actions, etc.
U-571...it's well realistic that.

(come on, someone had to say it sooner or later)

How about This Happy Breed, not really about Navy Life as such...more about life of someone in the Navy (if that makes sense) It's a David Lean joint.

Basically check out most of the back catalogue of Sir John Mills, he got about a bit in the blue suit.

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That film about the life of Buster Crabbe and his diving exploits.Forget the name but Laurence Harvey played the part with the usual Sid James somewhere.
Not sure if it is true to life but not a bad film to watch as I remembered the Gibralter of old.

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