War begins on the Home Front

I have deliberately not used the M word as quite frankly Im sick of hearing it but this story caught my eye..!!

Heroes Driven from Home

My patience is wearing thin with these people (if of course our bearded friends ARE responsible....I understand their have been riots in the local area and this may be a backlash...Lets face it Windsor does not strike you as a hot bed of cultural clashes in the UK..I wonder what the result of this occuring in a more ethinically charged area, further North maybe..!

It seems we are descending the ladder one run at a time to civil war all be it slowly at the moment

When you cant even choose where you wish to live in your OWN country that goes beyond taking the piss!!
Does anyone from the Royals remember the battle for Larnaca?
That's what we need a drop of here. 4 tonner full of lads with pick axe handles to give the tossers the good news.
Yeah yeah, 2 wrongs don't make a right, but these pricks know the feds won't do anything to them.


Lantern Swinger
If this story is true, as I'm not certain that the Sun can be described as a Newspaper & it has a history of publishing bullshite., then it is outrageous.
When if ever will some religious fanatics learn to bloody well integrate and realise that to be accepted into this society ( now sadly called multi-cultural ) they have to adapt and take on the ways of the indigenous population.
Their chosen path of confrontation will only lead to segregation & more racial/religious strife as is becoming rapidly visible now. It is not a case of the existing people of this once fair land bending to their whims, more a case of stiffening-up of existing laws & applying them to these insidious religious fanatics and bloody well deporting them after they have served their sentences.


Lantern Swinger
I mean any non-conformist fanatical religious immigrant., who cannot use peaceful & lawful means of making a point or pursuing an argument or discussion topic.
Not that I condone this sort of behaviour but I quote from the article

"Louts struck two days after the four arrived in uniform in an Army Land Rover to view it"

1. What were they doing in an Army Land Rover on personal business?
2. Perhaps the PO Stoker was right all along, even if the IRA are not watching us then someone else is and whilst we want to raise our profile by going ashore in rig, our personal safety is compromised and I for one will not be doing PR for HMG at a risk of having my family's safety threatened.
rosinacarley said:
Officers in the Household Cavalry - renting a £3000 pcm property!

And the security of our nation rests on these people!

£3000 per month divided by 4 - £750 per month for a property in Windsor close to barracks....seems reasonable to me...I have clients/students who are paying £300-£400 for a single room in areas far less desireable...I take your point about arriving in a landrover but morons for renting a house out...seems a bit harsh!
rosinacarley said:
Sorry ... in the event of any confusion - they are morons for arriving in an army land rover and in rig, not for wanting somewhere to live of course!
It is a reality though that any where there is a military camp you will find servicemen in uniform on the streets, entering houses shops and all sorts of normal places. There were lenty of times I drove around quite legitimately in a service vehicle, and it could well be there was good reason even in these PC days for them to do so.

Quite frankly every time I hear the word Muslim in the news my blood begins to boil even before Ive heard the reason...!!

How is it "they" as a minority seem to spend and take up a large majority of the time in the news at the moment but are very forward to complain they do not get listened to and are not reflected in a positive light.!!

If I werent so politically correct my answer is simple to them is

"If you wish to be viewed in a positive light....Why dont you as a community try doing something positive within and outside of your community for the benefit of others within and outside of your community so that you are not viewed by elements of the media as a subversive, ignorant and self gratifying group of parasites that are abhorrent to freedom of speech, freedom of the individual and democracy, things that a large number of people in this country have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice their lives for...!

Then maybe people may be prepared to listen to you and your concerns...!!
There does seem to be a presumption here that The Sun are not telling fibs AGAIN. They have a habit of doing that to the Forces after all, don't they?

I suggest that we need to be open-minded and cool-headed about this incident. It may have nothing what-so-ever to do with Muslims, who I suspect are being scapegoated. It is in fact possible that misguided members of the BNP or other members of the community have done this in order to forment unrest. Clearly whoever is responsible has suceeded in doing so. Mind you some of here might remember the days when journalists used to pay local children £5 to to a bit of vandalism so it could be photographed to make up a story. I wouldn't put it past the media to do the same sort of thing again.

Personally I don't think local Muslims are responsible. Agant Provoceteurs - definately.

And if they are responsible..!!

I have read articles in other press and the local police are treating the matter as a racially aggravated incident at the moment

On the basis that Asians (who I assume have a muslim element although not to be taken for granted) and to be balanced white people where involved in rioting i.e. stone throwing, arson etc etc etc.....Muslims as well as any other element of the community are clearly quite capable of commiting a crime such as this.....as rioting which in parts is nothing more than an extreme form of vandalism....why immediately denegrate the press and blame elements of other fanatical groups rather than face the reality that they may have been responsible....Remain open minded...what like they do about the history, ethical and moral and religious diversities outside of their own communities...give me a break!

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