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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Helios, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. Now and again I'll watch a bit of rugby on sky sports, usually when I've got nothing else to do. Got to say though, the more of it I watch the more I enjoy watching, it looks like a great sport. I've got a basic grasp of the rules, but apart from that my knowledge of rugby is limited to what I've seen on the telly and what I've just read on wikipedia about the divisions.

    Well, I'd like to know more. I want to get a good understanding of the sport, and maybe even choose a team to support. Problem is there's just so much info on the net I don't know where to start, and as for maybe choosing a team I've got no idea.

    I've been watching football since I was a kid, and from what I can tell, it's a much easier sport to follow and understand than rugby. What I'm asking for is hopefully some info, recommendations, links etc, to do with rugby and hopefully I can broaden my knowledge.
  2. Helios, whereabouts in the country are you? Im assuming you are more interested in the Union code but depending where you are it might be more league you are after. Of course if you want to watch good rugby you might be advised to pick a southern hemisphere club side, but the World cup results are not bearing it out this time round..... :thumright:
  3. good place to start is your local club,pop down and watch a game and have a few beers after.Get chatting to the lads and they will sort you out .As for teams if it"s union London Irish
  4. It is the union code I'm interested in but I'm from Merseyside which I'm assuming, being in the north of England, has more league rugby than anything. Choosing a local club doesn't make much sense to me at the moment though, because I'll be in Raleigh in three weeks time for a couple of months, then I’ll be in Portsmouth and somewhere else in the south for AET training which lasts for about a year. Then after that I don't know where I'll be but I don't reckon it will be Liverpool much.

    kev, I think your right about speaking to someone face to face being the best option. I don't really know of any rugby fans in the circles I move around in but I'm sure I'll meet some during Raleigh or Sultan. I think I'll just read up on the game until then and learn what I can.

    Just wondering, which rugby code do you two think is better to watch and support?
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'd say Union is the better one to watch...if you know the rules. League is pretty good to watch as well but not quite as subtle in its tactics. No doubt some league supporter will shout me down on this.

    If your in Pompey the navy have quite a few teams there, always enjoyed beating them, hard games but good p1ss ups. :bootyshake:
  6. Since you are joing the mob a good start would be at this site


    This site will give you a quick guide to the laws of the game


    If you are going to be spending some time in the Portsmouth area may I suggest you take a look at Havant RFC. They play in national league 2 south 3 levels below the premiership. It's a nice clubhouse & ground. The supporters are friendly and are always willing to pass on their interpretations of the game. (No, i'm not a member there. My local teams plays them in the league so I've been there a few times).

    Hope this helps :w00t:

    Edited for idiot spelling
  7. Agree with all the above comments (apart from Kev's about LI, Harlequins are the LONDON team) Definately Union
    Once you get to Sultan talk to the PTI's and they will point in the direction of Sultan Rugby club which IMHO is as good a start as any
    Most of all though, however you get involved playing officiating or spectating-enjoy!!
  8. Thanks for the tips and links everyone! As for Harlequins or London Irish, well Bristol is the club I've been most interested in up to now :p. Anyway, not worth picking a team for a while yet.
  9. Unfortunately your average Bristolian knows more about marrying his sister than rugby :thumright:
  10. Of course, for a real rugby club, you want to pick Gloucester. All the passion of the Welsh clubs, in an area which know nowt else but rugby. (Seriously, show someone a football in Gloucester and you'll have them flumoxed... :lol: ). Interestingly Stephen Jones once commented that Gloucester should be annexed to Wales due to the club's ferocious following - but we're far too good for that! (We can now field two premiership sides, and that's with our World Cup contingent away). Just pop up and spend a game in the Shed - more noise than you'll get at a football ground being generated in a small tin hut (which is well and truly dwarfed by the new stand opposite).

    The advantages of Gloucester aside... have a look at the usual haunts (Planet-Rugby and the RFU site - I often find their new Community Rugby site more useful unless you want to find out what Francis Baron had for lunch). I'd also have a look at a site that I recently sold on, www.learnrugbylaws.com (where there is a multiple choice Laws quiz to test out what you've learned so far) and www.rugbyrefs.com where you'll be able to discuss those Laws and learn how the game fits around them. I'll stop short of recommending a thorough reading of the Law book, because whilst that will indeed tell you the structure of the game, it is a very cold way of learning about a complex, passionate sport.
  11. Well, as a Northerner you will have to at least have an appreciation of RL, so Id suggest Wigan or St.Helens would be closest for a look, but obviously Union is played more in the services, and as suggested once you get to Sultan if you just go and watch a match or two you will meet a few lads who will put you right. Id suggest training and playing too, increases your understanding of the little things that go on in a game, and like Blobbs says, a great social no matter the results (still its good fun to thrash the booties and the paras in the same week...... :hockey: )
  12. Join one of our Welsh teams....you might make the national side in a couple of weeks if you can knock a few bevvies back :thumright: :thumright: :thanks:
  13. im joining up soon and was wondering is it mainly league or union cos being from St Helens im a league man my self but i wouldnt mind trying union, bit too much kicking like but ill give it a go.

    id advise starting on league as it is easier to understand the rules.

    Saints for life.
  14. Where you travelling from?

    If you take the M45 till the A4071 you'll find it's the best way to get into AND out of Rugby.

  15. It has to Union! For a start, can someone please explain to me the point of uncontested scrums? League, just doesn't flow, with the what 5 tackle phases and then its a turn around, Union needs strength and agility to get the ball over the try line.

    As for teams, Harlequins, Twickenham Stoop is a lovely little place, shadowed by its bigger brother!

    Quins are having a decent season as well as having the best Director of Rugby in Guinness Premiership!
  16. Have to agree: Union or nothing!

    As for teams, I've supported Northampton Saints and Wales since the early 70's... (Well, at least I'm following the British tradition for backing the underdog!)
  17. You have to have more bottle (or be more stupid) to run at a line of giant forwards in league than to kick a ball into touch and then have a line out. As for uncontested scrums, it should be tap an pass
  18. WRONG !!!
  19. Six is it? Either way its bloody stupid, theres no requirement for strength and rucks and mauls.

    Go on then why is League better than Union? Had Union not been filled with toffs who had been willing to go professional earlier, it would be a much more followed game I think.
  20. Why all this argument about one being better than the other?
    Personally, I prefer to watch Union, but I would never say that Union is "better" than league!
    They are both equally addictive to those that watch and play them.
    I never played league in my career, only union, in a couple of different positions before my injury stopped me playing for good (I was playing for Saracens at the time of my injury, before the move from Southgate into the wilderness).
    Come on guys, stop it ffs!!

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