Wanted - Enthusiastic IFA / Financial Guru

For the financial forum to work well it needs an enthusiastic and experienced moderator, ideally an IFA. ARRSE's finance forum ( http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewforum/f=4.html ) is one of the most useful on the site as a result of that sort of input and I think Rum Ration would benefit a lot from the same.

The mod wouldn't need to actually be an online free service, but someone who would post general advice from time to time and keep an eye on the advice given by others.

The return would be a bit of advertising if wanted - for instance a company footer on the user profile listing services and contact info, and a sticky thread with same. I can't offer full forum sponsorship as NAAFI F get first shout on that as they sponsor the site as a whole.

If interested I would be grateful if you could post here or email [email protected]. Not PMs please!
Come on... just think of the glory! How hard can it be? Even I've come up with a bit of useful advice on the credit card exchange rate thread and I'm a financial disaster.
Still looking for a decent IFA?

Recently bought a house for me and the missus. Halfway through the process, pissed off things were not going well, a friend recommended Pilot Property Solutions - run by a Crab (RAF) officer. Sorted me out no problem with an IFA and solicitor, and saved me £18,000 by re-negotiating with my builder. Waiting for the right time, they are going to help me buy another pad to rent out.

Can't recommend them highly enough. If you approach them they would good eggs to get on board and may be able to sort a few more of us out!! Can be contacted on 0844 412 7171


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