Want to take my next PJFT ASAP

I failed my first PJFT, the 2.4km run. However after a few weeks in the gym I've reached the point where I can complete the run comfortably. I'm told I have to wait 8 weeks until I take my next test although it's only been about 4. Would they let me take it sooner if I asked?

One more thing. I'm entering the AET branch, if I complete the fitness test next week, does anyone have and idea when I'll likely be asked to begin training at Raleigh?

The waiting is killing me. I was told if I completed my first fitness test I would have likely joined in November, December. However now because of the eight week delay it’s likely I’ll have to wait longer.


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Hello Helios, Helios hallo, Hullo Helios,

Give your careers adviser a ring mate, if you can convince them that you can do it now then ask them if you can re-take now. They may be a good egg to you, but bear in mind you've let them down once already.

If you re-take it & fail it again however, you'll end up putting your entry date back further still.

You COULD still get an entry date before Xmas if you pass it this next week or so, I'd guess.

Stop eating the pies & stop quaffing the alcohol mate - if you follow the pre-joining fitness program 100% properly you'll do OK.

Good luck!

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