Want to join, but worried about a prescription and passing medical?

I'm really interested in joining the Royal Navy, however I understand depression is a big deal. My situation is a bit weird and dates back to last year. Long story short, I had news of several family members sick within months of each other, needless to say this was quite a lot of mental strain on me. I've always been happy, but woke up one day and felt so down I went to my GP as advised by a friend. Now I can't recall exactly what they said, but they wrote a prescription for Setraline and asked me to check back in a couple weeks. Over the next day or so I told myself to man up and chucked the box without ever taking one, returned to my GP and told them I hadn't taken any of them, I felt better and would ring the numbers they provided if necessary. No further issues since then.

If I got to medicals I understand this would most definitely appear on my records. I am just wondering if anyone has a bit more information as to whether the simple fact I have even been prescribed them in the first place would warrant a fail? I have a feeling it would regardless as what I have read is at least 2 years must have elapsed? Just looking for advise to determine whether to withdraw my application and I'm not looking for the answer I want to hear, just the brutal truth. Thanks and Dayum I feel silly haha.


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Contact your local recruiter, no medical experts on this site, all medical issues are for the RN Mod doctors to make the final decision.
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