Want to be treated like shit? - Be a servicemans wife.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. How can these muppets be so heartless.

    Pay back 10 days pay because he died before payday - the bastards.

    - Full story -
  2. I've read stories similar to this before, disgusting. At times they have no compassion nor do they think.

    I remember being one of the two duty sparkers on the Jupiter alongside in M'Boro in 88 one night. Tragically we had another RO in the mess killed in an RTA during the early hours. Myself and the other duty RO were duly shaken and proceeded up the MCO to send signals relating to the incident. The first signal we had to send?......... stoppage of pay! It hasn't changed!
  3. Same sort of thing happened when a lad off the OTTER died in refit in Cammell Lairds in the early 70s - the MQ officer, being an ex lower decker, gave her all the time in the world to move out, and charged her nothing on the out muster. Whatever did we do to deserve these people ?
  4. This is what desk jockeys do best.
  5. To be fair on the stoppage of pay issue, I believe that the reason is that on death this money becomes "intestate" (or something similar) which means it can't be touched until the lawyers have done thier business. Meanwhile a logistics officer will have visited an arranged an immediate payment direct to the wife, and then a later visit to arrange the long term financial aspects. (I might be rusty on some of the issues).

    However, to reclaim 10 days pay sounds stupid.
  6. It sounds typical shit Gordon Brown(hatter)
  7. I think this sort of reclamation of funds started long before Mr Broon and his ilk were in office ?- the OTTER incident I referred to earlier was during the Tory Party's period of office in the early 70s, surely ?? And this created a precedent ? A pox on all such lawmakers and their kith and kin !!
  8. Sorry folks I know it SOUNDS heartless, but if the MOD do not issue a notice to Quite the Married Quaters then the Family would not be allowed to apply for accomodation in their home town or town of residence. They are given a Date to quite, but this is not normally enforced, until the family have found other suitable accomodation.

    Pay has to be stopped so that other allowances and grants can be activated, to the betterment of the bereaved family.

    I know it sounds arse upwards but its a bit like having to press the start button on you computor to stop the thing. I know that this may sound stupid, but there is method in the madness.

    It may be worth your efforts to follow the whole story and not just the first page.

    Newspapers only report what they want, and that is to make out thay the system is against the prols...
  9. When I went outside in 79, I was still living in a MQ at Hooe in Guzz: they took me to court to evict me (standard routine I know, but they were trying to sell the estate to a developer): despite the haranguing of the lawyer (I had receipts for all the excess rent they charged me, much to his displeasure - I knew him from a school dispute aged 15), the council rehoused us within a month. They had to take me to court, and I had to appear for the Council to rehouse me. Both of us were Guzz born and bred, so we ended up as far from Devonport, where we both came from - in poxy Southway and am still there!!!
  10. But in the past before these stupid wars there was not the casualties of significance that there are now and though this has been practice for a long time it does not make it right for Brown to allow it to continue.

    If it cost the government more than twopence then you can **** off.

    And that is the way Brown has always been. God if he could he would bury them where they have fallen to save a few bob.

    It really irks me that he will have a pension of 4.5 million pound but refuses to pay this widow a couple of hundred - worse than that, ask for it back.

    Yes it's a rant and yes I have steam comeing out of my ears, but this has to be the most disgusting - couldn't give a shit about joe public - pile on tax after tax after tax - restrict payrises to 2% and then DEMAND that they are awarded 66% yes thats right sixty six percent, government to ever rule anywhere on this planet.

    Bring back Guy Falkes and may he succeed this time.
  11. I have a particular connection to this story which orginates from the helo that went down before GW1 with 10 people in.

    There is infinitely more to it than meets the eye from the original post.
  12. Rosina completely agree, I was Jane's (OM(C) SEYMOUR)Div Senior Rate at the time. I won't go into anymore detail as she could have the penny pinchers after her again.
  14. As has been said before - this has happened in other instances before GBs time. Legal Aid is not routinely granted for inquests. I cannot understand why GB is blamed for everything including the cat crapping in the garden, other than he is the 'man of the moment'. But then I'm just a simple naive 51 y o.
  15. I know it may not seem nice but this is the sort of 'tidying up' exercise that needs to be done while setting many good things in motion. The widow can then receive all sorts of help and advice, including financial benefits and housing assistance, without having a disputed Crown debt hanging over her head. There's no point in laying it at the door of the current Government. It's a fact of life and has always been like that.

    I'm ex-RN but things were far worse for the wives and widows of Merchant seamen who lost their ships during both world wars and may even apply today in some instances. Their husbands' pay and benefits ceased immediately their ship was sunk, usually taking all their belongings to the bottom of Davy Jones' locker at the same time.
  16. Why repay pay because he died before pay day, since when has the mob paid you in advance, it was always in arrears, so they should have been paying her the days from last pay day till the day he died.
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    If you want to be king of the dung heap expect some sh1t thrown at you.

    Gordon the useless has been hand in glove with every single aspect of the forces (or any other policy) since New labour have come to power, from lack of funding to commitment to go to war. He deserves a good slagging at every opportunity.

    The Police are threatning to go on strike now... not that anyone down my way would notice if they did.
  18. They can threaten all they like...

    ...but if they did go on strike I bet your area WOULD notice.
  19. The problem is with the reaction time of the system. Normal monthly pay would have gone into the bank (last Thursday of the month, I believe) too soon after the individual's death for it to be amended. Our sympathy for the bereaved wife must be paramount so let's not cheapen it by exploiting this case in tabloid-like fashion to bash the Government for spurious reasons. There are more than enough real ones.

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