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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Rumrat, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. Some time back, an ex Booty mentioned a subject on here that is of interest to me.
    He told of a product made by Avon, that although not designed for it, actually repelled insects like Gnats and mosquitoes.
    He said it was widely used by the boot necks around Faslane and Holy Lock.
    Anyone got a name for the stuff as I would be grateful to learn it and if it is still available.
    If not anything else recommended?
  2. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    It's called Skin So Soft Rumrat, and it's made by Avon. It works a treat, used it on a course on Salisbury Plain in blistering heat where the midges moved in swarms so well organised I swear they were part of a criminal syndicate.

    See here:

    Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Spray
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  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    At last Rummy comes out!
  4. There are two 'flavours' - say a pink top and a blue top, and I beleive that one works MUCH beter than the other, but I don't know which! Maybe the next door neighbours will have a thread?
  5. Cheers for the link Mags, really much appreciated. I have ordered it and even (despite Sharky's rumours) paid the express delivery so should arrive Tuesday.
    Mrs Rumrat affectionately known as "the war office" tells me to pass a humongous thank you to you, as the midges and gnats around here see her as the bug equivalent to meals on wheels. (Snacks on tracks):glomp:
  6. So we have a bloke with skin like a crocodiles number ones, mincing around smelling like a tarts handbag, kin poof.
  7. Oh dear.
    The war office read you're reply.:twisted:
    Now usually I don't feel sorry for blokes who self inflict injury. However the one little droll remark you made does not in my opinion warrant what she said she would do to you if she got hold of you.:frown:
    Now after she was drummed out of the SS. for extreme brutality, she gave lectures to the Taliban and Idi Amin on methods of terrorism within the community.
    Her latest book "Flaying and its place in humour" is a best seller in Saudi Arabia.
    **** your luck you poor bastard.:crybaby:
    You could always hide where the Midges breed.

    To everyone else who replied, Thank You.
  8. I bet the bloke who invented Masking tape knew you.
    I have a fantasy involving you, masking tape, and an (unlicensed) firearm.
    It's a kind of variation on the game show running man but in my version you loose.
    It kind of makes me think that because you are still around, God really is not true.
    I'm so upset (being sensitive):crybaby:
  9. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    You're welcome Rummers! :)
  10. You may have to get the wife to rub in some saddle soap first, it’ll give the baby oil a chance of soaking in
  11. Did I mention she compiles the death threats for most known terror organisations.
    Particularly the Bradford affiliated society terminating aggravating retired drunken sailors. Known locally as B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S.
    She's up there now hunting down one thoroughly obnoxious type, along with her associates, Mustapa, Mohamed and Fred
    Known as the Ferocious Four. (Ones gone to mecca) Loves his bingo does Khalid he goes with some old drunk called shakey sharky he met at a rehab and venereal recovery unit in Manchester.
    Apparently their all off to France soon with another old sot known as Train Wreckler on account he keeps coming off the tracks.
    Mountain flavour eh?.. think you might want to head for the hills. Only if theres gnats.
  12. I did know you meant Mountain Mint Jim, as its well known as a repellent.
    Just don't grow around here I live in a valley.:mrgreen:
  13. That's not a valley, you've one foot in the grave ;-P
  14. I'm waiting for you to die,can i go on holiday to France with you're missus if you croak soon,..if it's paid for would be a shame to waste it.
    It is paid for isn't it,.. you white trash might try to stick me with the bill, as I'm from a developing nation.

    Do us a favour though mate, can you change the name from Clampit on the ticket it's embarrasing, and tell these two mates of yours I am not sharing the cabin. Especially with that ****** sharky on the right. Fuckin knob Jockey.
    Nice holiday snap though send more.
    Is that your dog fido or has a rackoon nested on your head. Its better than that fuckin wig you wore last weekend.:laughing7:

  15. I assume you've seen Deliverance, do you squeal like a pig, boy?
  16. I'm a giver not a receiver.
  17. It's the ******* nuts. Trust Royal to "discover" that.

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