Want a place to sound off, without a reply? post here.......

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Jenny_Dabber, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. We've all had an off day/week/month but never got the chance to vent it...............

    We all have our own personal issues, maybe some worse than others, or that annoying [email protected] at work, that you can only day dream about decking.

    I remember coming across this woman at work, who had to have the attention, if she didn't, she'd make up a rumour, so the focus was on her. Only this time, she went over the edge and made up a silly rumour about me. I really wanted to have 'a quiet word' in her ear, before going 10 rounds with her face but thought that was just petty, I can rise above that. Then a friend suggested that I'd email her to vent, not for her to reply but for me to get things off my chest, that are petty, seems to work.

    So I thought a thread dedicated to venting would not only get things off your chest but may make a good read at times, possibly, you may see a situation that you could relate to and understand from a poster. Or just generally give you a chuckle :dwarf:

    So here it goes.............your very own thread to sound off in, because we all like a good ARGGGGHHHHH at times............minus the replies............1...........2........3............


    P.S. No boundaries on language, this time and no RR personal attacks.........etc
  2. And do you promise not to remove it?

    MOD EDIT: I promise not to remove a post, unless otherwise requested via PM or by the MODS/CO's. Hig, get on with it and stop clogging up valuble posting space
  3. Sounds like you`re getting a bit ratty, get it off your chest, this is the thread for it, you know that it makes sense.
  4. Blimey Hig leave it out mate!
    If she did that we'd be here all night!
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  5. Well FFS the threads gone to ratshit on page one, NO REPONSES just drips, got it!
    Fecking punters never satisfied.
  6. Hows about **** off.
  7. Thought we could ******* swear here
    This is shit
  8. Virgin Media, now there's a ******* shocking company.
    Almost as bad as BT which wanted to charge me ******* £122.33 for nothing today.
  9. Re: Want a place to sound off, without a reply? post here...

    I've heard a rumour that my local bus service is being reduced.

    I'm flipping well incensed! GGRRRR!!!
  10. Jenny. Cut out the heavy handed moderating, thanks. The site flourished without it & managed to moderate itself reasonably.

    That's my contributory drip to this thread :)
  11. Got any drips see a plumber that's what my Corporal used to say...Fecks sake have you seen what those buggers charge?
    And then when you relate your problem they say "Oh no mate, you want the Samaritans or summut, I'm only here for the dripping."
    I think the RN/RM should look into starting some customer relations courses for it's JNCOs and help prevent these sort of misunderstandings from happening.
  12. Re: Want a place to sound off, without a reply? post here...

    No heavy modd'g at all, just deleting the trolling.................
  13. A guy promised to do my saturday night shift so I can go to my wifes works do.I did 5 for him so he could go to Teneriffe last month.
    Guess what?,he's pulled out now as its his wifes do on the same night.(Different do)
    Guess I won't be doing him anymore favours!
    40 quid wasted by my wifes boss for my meal, not my dosh but annoying all the same.
  14. Re: Want a place to sound off, without a reply? post here...

    guess what left the navy war pension 2007 40% PTSD from Iraq, psychiatric nurse in DCMH Devonport takes £4000 on my credit card. Long story anyone want more????
  15. Re: Want a place to sound off, without a reply? post here...

    Been AWOL for some while due to health and workload will be nice to have a chuckle reading the dits again
  16. Off topic: Why are both Hig and Lammers both impersonating Colonel Mustard? Is there something we should know? Are congratulations in order? :twisted:

    Right now with that off my chest.....

    Why are so many members of the public soooooooo rude! They ring up or email an enquiry and seem to go out of their way to cause offence, then when you give them the information they want they have a go at you for not giving them the reply they wanted to hear, not the facts! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! :evil:
  17. Re: Want a place to sound off, without a reply? post here...

    Did you report it to the Nursing and midwifery Council. In cases like this they can remove him from the register?

    I'll make another post while at work with a good mank to keep the thread going. :wink:
  18. Re: Want a place to sound off, without a reply? post here...


    I found that if you get rid of the picture, and just listen to the Ladies grunting it can be quite a turn on.

    I never realised that Wimbledon could be so horny.

  19. Who gives a fcuk - shit happens - just accept it and get on with it.
  20. Re: Want a place to sound off, without a reply? post here...

    Rats birds. I've got a right fcuking bee in my bonnet about those cnuts at the minute. What's the point, get the fcuk indoors and don't show your howling malformed grids you cnuts. And under no circumstances speak to me fcukers.

    They should be fcuked up with sticks to atone for not making more of an effort to brighten up my day, ugly cnuts.

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