Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Harry, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. For those frustrated Periscope Readers, Sonar Plotters, "Fruit Machine" operators and assorted Control Room Attack Team staff, can I recommend SILENT HUNTER 3 ?

    This is an outstanding submarine simulation program with fully interactive crew, superb 3D graphics of the internal submarine, control room, periscopes, bridge etc, plus visually and aurally realistic weather and sea conditions.

    Silent Hunter 3 is essentially a detailed "Das Boot" simulation on your computer. You as CO, go out on patrol in your U-boat, intercept convoys and sink merchant shipping whilst trying to avoid the depth charges from the destroyer escorts.

    The realism is excellent with management of crew, navigation, fuel and battery limitations, submarine vulnerability, torpedo reloads, aircraft attacks, repairs etc, and most importantly, manual targetting via the periscope. It is definitely NOT a "shooting gallery". Firing solutions (Identification, Speed, Range and AOB), have to be calculated and manually inputed into to the TDC, and the torpedo fired to achieve a successful "hit".

    There are five training missions, many historical missions and a dynamic career campaign from 1939 through to 1944 when your chances of survival against the RN are almost zero!!

    Silent Hunter 3 (SH3) is a $20 disc available in computer game shops or perhaps via e-Bay. There is an on-line SH3 forum that provides essential mods and updates via download to the basic disk that you purchase.

    Let me warn you, it is addictive, and you don't have to be a computer geek. I've been playing for 18 months. Three careers and four submarines later (going aground in the Kiel Canal, depth charged and hitting a mine), I'm now off Rockall Bank in September 1940 at periscope depth, awaiting a large oncoming convoy to pass by..!!

    Let me also add, that I have no pecuniary interest. You can contact me if you require any advice that is not provided at the following websites:

    or simply "Google" Silent Hunter 3.

    Good Hunting Kaleuns..!! :wink:

  2. Silent Hunter 4. Much better.

    :lol: :lol:
  3. I have silent hunter 2 somewhere, it's buried somewhere in amongst all the other games that I got bored with...although it was addictive at the time.

    I found that Harpoon was a bit more challenging than silent hunter
  4. Bollix it is!SH3 with the GWX3 mod is awesome,it turns SH3 from a decent WW2 sub sim into an awesome one!There are loads of mods to enhance the gaming experience on the subsimsite.Its unbeatable,you should be able to get SH3 for under a Tenner in most PC game shops.

    SH4 is set in the Pacific and takes you for ever to get any where!
  5. Us geeks do not fart about playing twaty games, nerds do that sort of braindead stuff. We geeks are far too busy writing software and hacking into the French Airforce and stuff .

    Oooooooops , now you know too much , i will have to send someone round to kill you.
  6. Just installed the latest GWX mod for SH3.I also added some sub skins and a new environment mod.Sadly the screen shots just dont do it justice.


  7. I have a free weekend soon and have been meaning to get some live practice in.
  8. Does virtual Sea Time count? :lol:

  9. Only in my World! :D :D :D :D

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