WAMT - What annoyed me today.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by chatsharris, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. Because we all know a matelot without moaning is a Crabfat.

    Share what's pissed you off.

    WAMT - The missus. Nuff said.
  2. WAMT- ANYONE who selected first gear in their cars today. Should be bloody shot.
  3. What annoyed me?

    All the lilly livered skiving cnuts who use 1 inch of snow as an excuse to have the day off.

    All the bastards in the office sodding off home at the first sign of snow, without sparing a though for the poor sods in the Ops room doing a 12 hour shift.

    Oh - and the kids having a barney at the bottom of the stairs, waking me up after 3 hours kip (and could I get back to sleep - nope). It's going to be a long, long night tonight :cry:
  4. fcuk me, I'm in a strop tonight. I sound like a right whinging bastard. And I am!
  5. The idiots who come down our road(which is full of ice)after negotiating a 90 degree bend riving the bollocks off their cars wankers :)
  6. Just a few from yesterday and today

    Cocky skinny civies at work grips my shit,
    People in 4x4s,
    The overhyped weather reports.
    Fitness questions on RR and ARRSE
    My dog pissing on my snowman
    People moaning they are cold
    People thinking the Marines is the same as the Army
    Getting home late cause of the dumb drivers on the road
    Waking up early hours in the morning to work with mongs
    No hot water this morning
    And its stoped snowing.

    I feel better now after a good weights session in the gym.
  7. As I live on a steepish hill, the fecking kids with tea tray sledges who turned the nice crunchy driveable snow into a fecking skidpan :twisted:
  8. Spot on JJ...

    WAMT -

    - 25mins of, quote, " our daring reporters braving the conditions to.. blah blah"
    - The fact the news programmes have only gone into overdrive becuase the snow arrived down sarf, fackin bollox
  9. Another one kids throwing ice balls at passing drivers, i mean WTF ???
  10. Kids (?) throwing snowballs at my single glazed, none safety glass bay window. Curtains were drawn and I was sat right beside it, completely unnecessary!
  11. Although it didn't happen today I'm retrospectively so annoyed that I have to vent:

    I had to drive to a mate's pub to work his kitchen last Sunday. He lives in bumfuckegypt up in the hills and it was a tricky (but passable) journey up untreated hills. There were vehicles abandoned everywhere, including 4x4s.

    On arrival there were about 8 cars stuck at the entrance to the pub, and other vehicles starting to queue behind them. Apparently most of them had come out for the day to enjoy the beautiful scenary, expecting gritted roads but instead found white-out 4" snow and icy corners.

    I WAS THE ONLY ONE WITH A FUCKING SHOVEL. I dug about 30 metres of the road, gritted it, and helped push. Not one of those tossers thanked me, including the guy who said "you're getting a good sweat on there mate". What a cunt.
  12. f***ING JACK B**SARDS
  13. My god, I've suffered quite a lot of this today. What's all that about? I was actually ducking from it as well!
  14. Cause the youngsters around the Runcorn, Widnes and Liverpool area are retarded, lets be honest only the little pricks that live here can think off shining laser pens at aircraft when the are due to land.

  15. You was the only one with a shovel?
    I could have helped, I would have brought a few spades with me. :roll: 8O :wink:
    Sweat, white boy. :D
  16. Small world you think ?
  17. Cunt! Nice missus though mucker. Any chance of a lick of her bum?
  18. And you think I would have used the shovel if the 'help' was around. Man, you lot really are punching above your position in society now aren't you? 8O :D
  19. Done. Can I bring my shovel :twisted:
  20. Whilst the weather remains as is, I have ample opportunity to increase the stock at my ch..........Car dismantling yard. I hear there are a few 4x4's knocking around in little wales, so might see you about JJ. I will keep an eye out for a sweaty looking cnut with a shovel. :D

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