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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SS-super-stoker, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. can you join the army at 15?????!!!!!!!!!!!1

    (didnt think so!!)
  3. The JIB at Shornecliffe (Junior Infantry Battalion) closed down donkeys years ago - I think they still had one at Catterick for a number of years after but I wouldn't swear to it :)
  4. You can't join the army till you leave school, and you can't leave school until you are 16, poor young lad can't have done that well at rithmetic never mind maths.
  5. I can't see the profile, but can't you do 4 years by joining at 16 and leaving at 19? (16, 17, 18, 19)?
  6. Oslo
    check your sumz
    16 to 17 = 1 year
    17 to 18 = 1 year
    18 to 19 = 1 year
    total 3 years unless you leave shortly before the 20th birthday and even then it's not 4 but a fraction of four.
  7. Ok please tell me why this lad is a Walt? A walt is someone making out to be something he is not. This guy is a soldier and he is using that fact to get a shag.Fair play to him. Lets bin this walt hunting thing.
  8. Join the Army at 15? In Africa definately! :w00t:
  9. From what I can tell from above, the guy reckons he joined when he was 16 and left when he was 19. So he could have done 3 years 364 days and left at 19. Or done more than 3 years and is claiming the fourth for free. I know we're splitting hairs, here, but it might simply be a case of miscommunication and rounding up. Or using your example:
    16 to 17 = 1 year
    17 to 18 = 1 year
    18 to 19 = 1 year
    19 to leaving = some months, rounded up to 1 year
  10. Would have been simpler in that case to have rounded his age up to 20. :thumright:
  11. On further investigation I can confirm this lad is the real thing.I have a friend in the royal welsh regiment that has had a look at this bebo profile and although he was laughing his tits off at this lad(who was a little chav [email protected]) me mucker can confirm our man is not a walt.
  12. Sod the pongo, click the links from his friends!!
    (Especially "Sexy Superstar")
  13. Not true Maxi, the official school leaving date is the last friday in June, wether you have reached your sixteenth birthday or not.
  14. You can leave school at 15. Just depends when you were born in the school year. School finishes in say june if you were born in august then your still 15.
    Not sure if you can join the army when you are 15 though.
  15. Bloody good IT skills wish I could get a page set up like that, must have taken him hours if not days, well I expect he has more time on his hands now he has left :thanks:
  16. true, I left school in the june, aged 15, wsn't 16 until the end of july. MM
  17. Do you mean you are not a Queen AAC? :thumright:
  18. That makes me feel sooooooooooo old. When I joined the ROC (at 16) you could still join at 15 (in 1979)!

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