Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brigham600, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. Another Walt


    He claims to have fought with 2 Para at Goose Green and also claims to have been awarded the Military Cross. He has been sussed by members of SAMA82 and will be sorted in the press I feel.

    Interesting to note that he neither wears an MC or SAM and the medals he is wearing are all WWII type.

    He does not even wear his beret in true Para style either.

    You have been sussed mate.
  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Re: Another Walt

    Surely a wind up? Only a complete and utter tool would make such bad errors such as being interviewed and not even wearing the relevant gongs ffs. If this bloke is making out he was with 2 Para, he will be shortly torn a new one. Surprised no one has pinged that the MC back then was for Officers only. Other ranks would be awarded the MM. Most amusing.
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  3. Re: Another Walt

    I like the bit that goes...'John remains modest and prefers not to discuss his personal role'... I'll bet ! The interviewer is also lacking in the credibility stakes when he says 'I see you're wearing the Military Cross'... should've gone to specsavers !
    Interesting place... the planet Hull !
  4. Re: Another Walt

    Not the sharpest walt in the box, I nearly fell off the chair laughing when I watched the clip.
  5. Re: Another Walt

    Just sent an email to the Editor pointing out some home truths and requesting that they re-interview the hero and publish the results. :p
  6. Re: Another Walt

    Will do
    Wonder if it's worth contacting his local branch of the British Legion.
    Bet the cnut won't go for a cheap pint again if we do. :p
  7. Re: Another Walt

    Probably lonely and wanted to make some friends...
  8. Re: Another Walt

    Yeah - and I was at Paschendale with Harry Patch !
  9. Re: Another Walt

    What a lying fool, you could tell he looked slightly uneasy about the questions, his responses sounded like he worked in a slightly trying delivery at Tescos - "I think about my colleagues doing a difficult job" he just didn't use the language that the old veterans normally use.
  10. Re: Another Walt

    You'd know what that is, then?

    Anyway, I thought you'd done us all a favour and fcuked off in a huff.
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  11. Re: Another Walt

    They have pinged that fact bud. I posted this video link, which was on the SAMA82 website of which I am both member and veteran. He is being investigated by those in the know up that way and we were told to keep an eye out in the media next week.

    I really cannot believe he would attempt such flagrant walt ness.

    Keep your eyes out further details in the papers good people.
  12. Re: Another Walt

    Please keep us informed Slim.what a complete and utter twat :(
  13. Re: Another Walt

    Came across a bit simple to me...
  14. Re: Another Walt

    Well he was trying to be like an ex para :oops: :p
  15. Re: Another Walt

    Yet another mindless comment from one of the bitter rumration old guard. Its a shame because there are some interesting and useful people on this website.
  16. Re: Another Walt

    That's harsh, I met a clever para once...
  17. Re: Another Walt

    Perhaps he was a walt :p
  18. Re: Another Walt

    My Grand father, who served in both the Boer war and WW1, also had the 1939-1945 Defence medal.

    I believe that only 10,000 of these medals were issued, and that the recipients had to have served three or more years
    in either the Fire Service, Police or 'Dad's Army' on the Home Front.

    I doubt that there are many holders of this medal around today and, claiming to be one of these ancient warriors, beggars belief.

  19. Re: Another Walt

    Yes and also someone who has served his country so do us all a favour and bugger off!! 8)
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  20. Re: Another Walt


    Yet another mindless comment from one of the bitter rumration old guard. Its a shame because there are some interesting and useful people on this website.[/quote]

    Where exactly do you fit into the "interesting and useful" bit then?
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