Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. Now I'm watching with interest this Stephen Lord harrison thread, this, along with numerous others on ARRSE fascinates me, but not for the obvious reasons.

    I got embroiled in ythis due to my Harrier connections and a number of people asking me to help, to some extent I have done some digging but in the end I couldn't help but not be arrsed.

    Why do people invest such huge amounts of time in trying to "out" these people who may or may not have lied about their service record? Deception and lies are rife in all walks of life, how many of us have a brutally honest CV? And yes, some of these people have taken deception to a whole new level, completely inventing a whole life story.

    But seriously, who gives a fcuk? In a way, I understand the anger of some people when their are claims made of service in a conflict where your oppos may have met an untimely end, or stolen some element of glory for their own, but these people are always sad, lonely, confused, attention seeking weirdos with nothing going for them. What the fcuk does it matter to us?

    Walt hunting has become a disturbingly obsessive hobby for some people, and barely a day goes by when soemone is accused of lying about their service record. Are these people going on the defensive at the drop of the hat, firing accusations about to cover their own lack of notable achievements?

    I see it like I see heat readers, who fcuking cares about other peoples lives? Worry about your own. Let these sad fcukers live with their fantasies, no-one believes them and what's more, no-one cares.

    It speaks volumes about some people that they become almost consumed by this, I personally couldn't give a fcuk.

    So can we not go down the ARRSE route of hounding everyone in the world who claims to have served please? It nearly killed that site.
  2. I can see your point Monty but personally I can't stand bulsh1tters and liars, especially when they dupe other people for their own benefit or gain so when a Walt gets outed and publicly shamed I'm more than happy.

    Each to their own
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I see a big difference between the sad and lonely man trying to big himself up and the one that uses it to try and gain some financial advantage.

    I'm with Monty on the former, if you come across one a quiet word to let him know that you know, but he is not doing any real harm.

    The latter is a different kettle of fish and should be outed as publicly as possible
  4. There are indeed some, like Castleshortt and harrison who need knocked off their perch due to trying to find some financial gain, but how far does it go? The guy has removed all the Sea Harrier lies so surely that's objective achieved?

    As for the guy down the pub who reckons he was on Sangin rooftop despite being a 35 stone 45 year old who still lives with his mum and has been sat on the same barstool every night for 20 years. Who cares?

    Obsessive persecution just makes you look as bad as them.
  5. So can I sew the VC and bar back on my jimjams and start wearing my crown again? or will you out me? 8O :oops: :D :D
  6. Try saying "no-one believes them" to the 80-odd that pay/attend these SLH conferences on his 'personal heroism' in the falklands.

    I have no interest in the slight embellishment but to deceive as many as this fella has and to take into account the extent of the lies/the many questionable businesses, time will tell whether it has been a worthy endeavour or not.

    What if his conning extends beyond his tales of grandeur and extend to these businesses he claims to own?

    It's all fair and well to say it won't affect anyone and we should all ignore it but what if he isn't one of the many making up a life story to satisfy themselves and there is a more sinister scheme going on? If we were all idle and didn't give a toss, I wonder how many others would get away with the proverbial murder?
  7. I heartily agree with your sentiments Monty.
    The most venomous Walt hunters on ARRSE appear to be Army Cadets or guys whose only Military service so far appears to be pushing open the AFCO door.
    Whilst a word of warning is nice, what's the point?
    Most who have served will be able to rumble the worst of them quite easily and whilst civies maybe taken in the perception most of them have of Military life is based on Hollywood and Ultimate Farce type productions so are they really any worse off for believing some dreamers lies?
    I do have issues with those with no real background in the area who make a living offering 'Bodyguard' courses and the like to wannabe 'Close Protection Operatives', solely on the basis that the training offered may not be what it's cracked up to be and cause problems not only for the roughie toughie Bullet Stopper but also the client.
    But hey if you hire a geezer who's only previous is "On the door dahn Walthamstow on a Saturday night, innit." you get all you deserve.
    So by all means Walt on, just don't crowd the 'Balcony' too much. :twisted:

    PS. And BTW I'm the only qualified Underwater Knife Fighter left alive after the Recce Ops in Tehran and Pyongyang last year so if anyone tells you they're UKF Force give 'em a dig from me! 8O
  8. You Caaant! I want my 100 quid hush money back!!

  9. Sorry, still not convinced. If I bumped into the guy and he span his sh1t at me I'd tell him to turn it in. Likewise if these people attending the conferences are gullible enough to be taken in then more fool them. There are not enough hours in my day to hound some sad liar about his past, I've more important things to do.

    As wrecker said, each to their own but I can't get off on it whatsoever.

    The only time I've ever felt the need to batter someone into submission was a lad who wore wings on his nos 1s because he did a tandem jump once. But that was a different issue.
  10. Well I am not the most highly educated of persons by far, although I did have the benefit of a grammar school education.
    Working on the premise that business people of the high fly type should surely be better educated than myself, then if I can spot a Walt or at least be highly sceptical , then the said business type should have little problem.
    Also do not high fliers do background research on potential business partners?
    Even on eBay you have ways to see if a potential deal is dodgy.
  11. When I came out the mob I had an HGV 1 licence I had picked up at Frasier gun range during the dock strike s of 70and74.
    So I went driving wagons and one day was at the roadside cafe Worcester end (Jacks) having come up Fromes hill from Hereford.
    Now at any cafe between Worcester and Hereford you meet serving or Ex SAS men by the score. There is so many of them that the Regiment has a standing force of about 7 or 8 thousand. 8O
    And of course they can flannel me (not) and the nearest I got to the SAS was I delivered tyres to the transport pool at Sterling lines from Dunlop/Goodyear. :wink: :D
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm Spartacus......
  13. I'm a Stallion, but you aint ridding me. :oops: :D
  14. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I hear what your saying Monty. It does seem that walt hunting has become a full time obsession for some people. They are dissecting every part of the walt/victims life. The Jim shortt saga is the best example of this, and the SLH thread is heading down that road. Maybe the solution is the Gov bring in some new laws to protect the feelings of some members of the armed forces and civvies being duped. I suspect if they did, the ancient art of walting would become very rare or die out.

    Apparently at the tennis the other day, some film star walt was spinning a dit about his time in the legion to a PO. The said PO told him to STFU and sit down. :roll:
  15. I'd imagine it quite easy for the general public to be taken in by something like this. It would take someone in the know to actually point out the shortcomings in the uniform/information presented etc.

    I agree wholeheartedly with you when it concerns those who are propagating lies to further their own purely personal ends but I remain skeptical that he is solely doing it for personal reasons. It will be a very big part of it but until those who are actually pursuing his 'case' come to some conclusion, we naturaly won't know the full extent.

    Though I also see where you're coming from in the first instance: at worst it could be considered a bloodthirsty witch-hunt with folks no doubt getting their enjoyment from finding out yet more sordid details a la the Heat mag analogy.

    My opinion is that it's best to put and end to his nonsense including stemming any possible ill-gotten funds at least for the future. I know I would be furious if I had suffered for some charlatan to prosper by recounting stories of the genuine pilots who fought with their lives genuinely on the line.. Hell, the next conference has been cancelled, so the efforts of those uk-side have at least paid off so far.

    Rumrat: Agree with you there regarding the businesses though he's no doubt already made some dough out of this conference of his, not to mention any other details that aren't clearly visible via a quick google search on "Stephen Lord Harrison"

    EDIT for rogue text
  16. I think what annoys people in no paticluar order are:

    1) The deception to\of the un-wary
    2) "We were there"\"we did that, not you" mentality
    3) Is it right impersonating someone especially for financial gain? It must be that in the US or they wouldn't have made it illegal to impersonate an officer

    I have never lied\exagerated the truth on my CV. Am I the only one who hasn't? Perhaps if I had have done I wouldn't be here looking after the strimmer and watching Fireman Sam in Malta (34 degress) :)

    Sorry chap - have to disagree. Out the bastards.
  17. Down on weather on an offshore construction vessel. Sitting with the dive-team drinking coffee when a guy wanders over, announces that he is an ex-diver and starts talking about Special Forces and Secret Squirrel nonsense. Drops into the conversation that he was one of the team that jumped mid-Atlantic for the QE II bomb threat. Everybody pretended to be suitably impressed including a little ex-booty who was sitting quietly in the corner. He sticks his hand out and shakes the guy's hand. Then gives a big smile and says "There were four of us who jumped. I was the first one out of the Hercules and you sure as fcuk weren't behind me".

    Best de-Waltering I have ever seen.

  18. Good dit!! Made me smile!
  19. Absolutely brill dit Bergen,i would have loved to have been there and seen it, 8)
  20. Well I have and I freely admit it.
    I emphasise details to suit the job I'm after and stretch the time in similar jobs to show more experience than I have.
    Its not honest admittedly, but its not out and out black hearted (can we say that) lying for the sake of looking big.
    When a firm you have worked for no longer exists then wallop you can big your self up a little, without claiming to be the friggin managing directer.

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