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If you must know it was partly for the wind up.I was gonna play 2 seperate parts in a walty way on here and arrse say I was from RR on arrse and say I was from arrse on here.I was gonna light the blue touch paper and retire.And maybe get some more inter-service mingling going on.
quote="sgtforce"]...Some not all of you need to take a look at your attitudes because they are disgusting.I expect this sort of behaviour from kids not grown men and women with nothing better to do...[/quote]

What like make up stories and attempt to impress the laydeeees?
slim said:
Always_a_Civvy said:
sgtforce said:
Fine I came clean.Believe what you want to believe.To be honest I really couldn't give a toss anymore.The people who know me will judge me.To be honest I am sick of the attitudes displayed by certain members of this site and it's sister site.For one the judgement of any female who comes to the sites maybe to get information or just find out what life on the other side of the fence is like.This may hit home but your all too wrapped up in yourselves to spend a minute talking to them.For the most part they are not SCH some of them are genuine.Now if you'll excuse me you all bloody sicken me.Sgt M*** C*** 3 platoon 1st Bn Welsh guards.

Aw don't go. You're in the ? thread as a nozzer. If you are who you say you are then prove it by posting more piccies... please :p We'll have no more comments from you Rosie plaese :lol:

AAC I reckon your a bit of a slut. thought you liked sailors but it looks as if any old brown job wil do

Erm, maybe. Pics of pongos are nice but nothing beats a sailor. Also, pongos aren't allowed to grow face fungus - only those tashes - a serious limitation. As it's beards I'm into, that's a big no, no. :lol: :lol:
Ok I admit I'm really drunk and on my mates PC in Neath nr Swansea.I have had a good time chatting to ya all and don't want it to stop.So to that end as soon as I get home more pics of myself will be posted.I was serious about wanting in the marines any ideas how I can get in??
So what is it that you find disgusting, explain yourself?. And why would a sergeant want to join the Booties and start at the bottom again? You just dont make sense, i could put pictures on here and say that i was he, how would you know? Why would we know how to get in the Marines that the Army would`nt know?
sgtforce said:
Ok I admit I'm really drunk and on my mates PC in Neath nr Swansea.I have had a good time chatting to ya all and don't want it to stop.So to that end as soon as I get home more pics of myself will be posted.I was serious about wanting in the marines any ideas how I can get in??

Stop lying like a blue arse fly!

Can I ask a question - why'd you actually do it? And when exactly did you get to wales? And don't feed us that bulls*t you were on a wind up, considering you were caught out right. Now feed us some home truths, you may want to sit down and stop talking out your arse to think about this one.
Didn't keep your damn guard up if you took a lot of shots to the head!

I can't figure you out really, i don't know why you'd deliberately set yourself up for walting, then get all upset when you're outed. Perhaps this says a lot about how you'd cope as a marine...

Snapdragon (Nak Muay Ying)
Well I could always email the Adjutant of the Regiment Sgtforce claims to be in and check out the facts. Simple question Sgtforce? You say you are a Sgt. in the Welsh Guards. Please could you PM Jenny_D (as a Moderator) your official email address, which you will of course still have if you are still serving. If you are no longer serving than you can still post it (to Jenny_D) as it will enable us to authenticate your identity.
That's a good point; SgtForce, if you are still who you claim to be we can settle this very quickly. By pming me here, with your service email address, we can have this confirmed. All on a confidentle basis as well.

PM on the way
As a newbie to the forum it does seem that you do attract a lot of walts so I feel obliged to tell you all a little about myself.
Personally I hate the bleeders but then that’s understandable for anyone in my position who fought and nearly died twice over in the service of the Queen.
My years before the mast began when I joined The ship HMS Ganges at Shotley, now not many of you lot here will have heard of her but she was a training ship moored in the Orwell opposite Harwich for over a hundred years and as she was made of fibrocement she was known as a “stone cruiserâ€
Joining at the age of 15 as a JMAA2 or to give me my full title Junior Master-at-Arms 2nd class, I was very lonely as I was the only one in my class, “get used to it boy†said my instructor, “worser things never happen at sea.â€
I was doing alright up until we were invaded by Irack . By this time I was a sergeant on a Battlewagon called the HMS Glamorgan and was in charge of the throttles up in the foreword engine space. Things were not good.
Then I was sent for.
Muffi said the CO, rumour has it that before you came to us you were with the SAS (seagoing) and adviser to the Anti Natal Naval force stationed off Greenock. Also we’ve checked with the first lord and he said you were always sound and shipshape. Tell me matey says the CO what do you know about ships of the desert?
Needless to say I soon found myself in charge of a nuclear sub on my way to Bagdad doing some trailblazing to enable the septics to capture the airport.
Trouble was me hearties the tides were all over the place in and out like a dog on heat and 3 days in the Jimini decided he’d had enough and fed up with having to contend with sharks and reefs and stuff he went AWAL. Now normally the Sub was a fine ship that could cut through the ocean swells like any dolphin but the lads were getting a bit fed up with the hoggin being choppy and the tempest we encountered on the run up into Bagdad didn`t help much either.
Anyway as we arrived off the main gate at Bagdad quay I opened my sealed orders hoping for some latitude and longitude info. to give me some idea of where we were, cause to be honest I was getting a bit fed up of running aground. but was surprised to find that the orders were, that from immediate effect I was to be promoted from a sergeant mechanic attending to the nuke reactor to a pilot officer in the Marine corps. specialising in night flying and taking helicopter guns to bits quickly and putting them back together even quicker.
My brief was to take the ships helo and together with one hand picked man, fly in under cover of darkness, then leaving my buddy (the cook) to look out for the chopper I was to locate the enemy forces and surround them.
Everything went perfectly and as you know the airport fell and the rest is history.
Just as an aside, the return trip wasn’t an easy ride as some stupid stoker got his shovel caught in the tiller which made the power steering stiff then we encountered a strong headway gale that made our progress slower than we would have liked. In the end we had to lash a sailerboy to the wheel and he ended up breaking his thumb.
Soon , making avast headway against some large swells the lizard hove in sight and we knew we would make it, so we sluncked into Falmouth Dockyard under cover of darkness stopped the nuke engine and got turned into our hammocks.

Since I got back I have had some pretty orrible flashbacks of the sailerboy breaking his thumb, and have found relief by crawling into a bottle. So much so I have decided to travel up to a graveyard I know in Littlehampton and throw belaying pins at the seagulls. Keeping the last one for myself.

Ps If you are touched by my plight and want to make a donation, no poems please, I prefer rum.

Awe reservoir.

As some of you may know last night I was "outed" as sgtforce's brother last night.Well I can confirm he is a sad little walting wannabe.He's been doing it since as long as I can remember.Anyway let me apologise to all of those he's pissed off over the time he was here.I'm not him and don't think you would be all as petty as to hold the fact my broter was a walt anyway.I'm here to learn as much as I can about bootie and navy life as possible before I join in september please bear with my asking daft questions.I would ask my Dad (a 6ft 5 ex-bootie) but he left in 84.So I have no frame of reference for the modern stuff.Anyway for those who wish to send my older stupider Welsh Guard brother abuse his e-mail is [email protected] .Or you could send it to me via PM and I'll email it to him.Thanks for your time.
Rob Chew (one_winged_angel)-Soon to be bootie.

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