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It would explain a lot of things but he hasn't 'come forth' yet has he? Should we give him the benefit to atleast explain once or................ach!

Anyway, here is another picture of him, I am unsure if it is him, therefore he has a nice pair of sunglasses;


SgtForce, if this is a wind up then time to come out. If this is you pretending to be some one you ain't aka walting, then you might aswell say it, what you got to hide? Nowt, if you were ex-serving and are finding it hard to let go, feel sorry for you!
snapdragon said:
But i can't see what he looks like with his eyes blanked out.

Perving huh

Think OPSEC, if he is a walt and this pic isn't of him, then some poor squaddie is gonna have his plate smashed all over the T'net :wink:
Ohhh good point. He told me he is in the Welsh guards, loaned to Windsor barracks, is a PTI, who has a flat in Slough (of all places!!). He did his leg in whilst on a jump, shattered his knee or something. He was a Sgt, being promoted to s/sgt and working as a QM whilst his regt are out in Cyprus on adventure training.

I am sorry Sgt if this is true but you see, things ain't really looking in your favour!
And as for joining the RMs in september, would an army sergeant, start off at the bottom again? Odd he only mentioned our beloved Booties when they took over from the Paras in Afghanistan.
rosinacarley said:
wait - he told us he was a para with 7 para RHA?

Yep, how can he join the RM's with a busted knee from a chute not opening properly on a jump???????? SUPER RMMMM!!
He told us he was a Gunnery Sgt in 7 Para RHA 172 Battery.Well,7 Para RHA DONT have a 172 Battery,all theirs are Lettered ie A Battery.Then they have a Name appended and as they are RHA as Opposed to RA they are called Troops not Batteries,so its 7 Para RHA, A Battery (Sphinx Troop).When i asked him if 172 Batty was called Mercers Battery he said it was.Wrong on all counts!!!Also the badge on the combats is the symbol for the 7Th Armoured Division.He never mentioned anything about the Welsh Guards to me.

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