Am posting to tell about about the third walt we have had on here in as many weeks.

First there was that mad Sam Dicosta, strange but with a nice 6 pack.

Then we had JewishScotsman - who if I ever catch him will be thrashed quite severely

Now we have had a certain fake pongo who said he was a para but in fact was nothing but a sad git. I wanted to thank Andym for outting him in Lil's tonight, it was a sight to behold as andy questioned him about the battery he was in, and his answers turned out to be complete lies. The rest of the room went silent as we watching him run out the door, leaving it swinging forlornly in the wind.

Well done andy, my hero!


War Hero
No probs.Elementry my Dear Rosina,elementary!How can Sgtforce be a PTI,QM and a Gunnery Sgt in 172 Battery 7 RHA (para) when 172 batty doesnt exist in 7 RHA?All Batty in 7 RHA are Lettered then named i.e

G Para Battery (Mercers Troop RHA).
How they think they can get away with it without proper research is beyond me. Bullshiting Jack is a tall order, we are all so good at it ourselves.
Did you ever walt yourself to trap a bird? Loads I know used to make up fake jobs before going ashore. Good for a laugh. With some of the janner birds it was just too easy at times..

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