Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Shakey, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Anyone got any good dits about Walts (Walter Mittys)?

    I know the TA is more of a nutter magnet for the deluded but the RNR seems to get a few who want to be top undercover secret death dealers.

    Here's one that I know of:

    Few years ago this tall gangly bloke turned up in the New Entrys. He was a bit socially inept, looked a bit weird and was doing a PhD. He soon acquired the name of 'Dr Death'.

    Anyway one day Dr Death was on the range. Order was given to clear weapons when BOOOM! everyone ducks and there's a smoking hole in front of Dr Death who'd just ND'd.

    The range officer went mental shouting and bawling at him to get off the range.

    Next week Dr Death was in the mess after the drill night and started to expound his social views. Apparently we should get rid of democracy and the military should run the country. Then we should get rid of all the blacks and asians and Jews.

    The week after Dr Death was called in for a quick chat with the Doc. One quick chat later and Dr Death is told to hand his ID card in and shown the exit! Diagnosed as mentally unstable.

    Wonder if he ever got his PhD...
  2. Not wanting to be a pedant, but that's probably not true as a) "Mental Instability" is not a medical diagnosis, and b) once someone is in the RN/RNR it takes a good 18/12 to obtain a medical discharge.

    Having said that, I have served with a few worrying people... one bloke in new entry in particular sticks in my mind as having a tenuous grip on reality.

  3. Thats not just in the reserves, there are a fair few bizarre people serving full time.
    Had one guy in the Marines who practiced Ninjitsu, fair one I guess, whatever floats your boat.
    Unfortunatley he got caught down Mutley plain scrambling across rooftops in black Ninja garb with sword and shuriken, practicing his art. Apparantley it was regular for him to go out and be all sneaky beaky in the rooftops.

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