Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Seadog, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator


    I have no problem with these blokes getting a shot in a Harrier and having to wear 'the gear' but I take draw the line at them wearing Commanders' and Captains' epaulettes. Notwithstanding that they are civvies with no honorary RN status, neither Strauss or Trescothick are old enough to be Commanders let alone Captains.

    I really do have the hump. Walts! Whoever 'encouraged' them needs a good talking to.

    Navy News

    This has been posted in the 1500 post thread Search for a "Walt" Star on ARRSE. There are more annoying Walter Mitty types there (for those with time to waste/spare)
  2. Obviously in borrowed flying gear. Not as bad as the guys who run the sightseeing ferry in the harbour trying to procure some Captain's epaulettes from me....!
  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Obviously - but no excuse. The epaulettes come off.

    As for the fanny boat drivers confusing themselves with Captains, there is a lot of it about. Private pilots, single seat aircraft, four gold rings, name badge 'Captain........' Or does he fly 747-400s in his spare time?

    For a civvy skipper to be called 'Captain', the rule (I believe unwritten) is he/she must be a Master Mariner and in, or who has held command of a vessel requiring a Master Mariner in Command. That's a big ship far from land. Anyone else is a Walt. The American 'sports fishing' community are very guilty of it.

    Give the deluded fanny boat drivers a pair of hooks Pompey Sailor and tell them they've been promoted!
  4. I'm not completely shore about this, but I think it has somthing to do with whatever company you work for. As when I was a lowly Passenger Steward on the Belfast - Liverpool ferry there were 2 captains on board, but one of them was the Master who was in overall charge of the ship. (And who became the grumpiest fec--ker ever after sailing threw a force 10, trying to anchor somwhere off wales, then having the anchor swinging about the hull, punching a hole threw it, and gavering a couple thousand tons of water in the forward compartments). And the other captain **Who was an arogant ********** was only in charge for his shift. But then again the company big bosses did promote him Master of the sister ship in the company.

    And then when I was on the other ship, there was 1 Italian Master, 1 English Captain, and 1 Italian Captain. I'm not completely shore how that one worked out.
  5. Yet more fkn Walts hitting the newspapers.


    Great to see so many attending the old soldiers funeral but it annoys me that the Daily wail are confusing re-enactment personnel with ex service members.
    photo shows a group of five imposters, two RN Killicks an Army WO some twat dressed as a yank and finally a Frog officer.

    Why do these twats see the need to dress up, they could have shown their respect more honestly if they had worn tracky bottoms and hoodies.:(:mad::(
  6. We've had some thread resurrections, but wow!
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  7. Lazarus lives
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  8. Was on Stena Inspector just after the Falklands and they had two Captains ... the "Master" and the "Night Master" ... I think it was because they had to have a "Master" i/c awake at all times when they were working up close and personal with the oil rigs they normally serviced and they were part of the normal crew so when she was STUFT they went with her.
  9. Apart from warfare what can an R.N. Skipper do that a deep sea fishing skipper cannot?
  10. Your quite big on resurrections!!!! Your names not really Brian is it!!!!
  11. I do like a good thread resurrection it's true :)
    And, no it's not! :p
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  12. wear a naval uniform without being called a walt
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  13. Its just that fishing Skippers are generally better Seamen...:rolleyes:
  14. Ohhh you bitches haha
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