Waltham Wireless Station, Nr. Grimsby, Lincolnshire

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by exploding_blancmange, Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. Was trying to find out the proper Naval Name for this location.
    My dad was assigned Married Quarters there in the 70's while he was on some Sneaky Beaky Comms courses.

    I believe it was part of VLF submarine comms. had a number of Pylons etc.

    Everything but the MQ's were pulled down in the 80's to make way for a housing estate.

    Never saw anyone going in or out, but I was only 4 at the time. Though father did assure me that it ws manned, the only other MQ being used was station commanders house.

    Have never seen anything about it on the net, was hoping someone could shed some light on the place.
  2. It has closed and the land is currently being investigated with a view to redevelopment. That's all I can find out.

  3. Thanks Steve.
    MOD sold the land off in the 80's, now is a housing estate, teh MQ's are still standing. Originally had around 20 Married Quarters 1/2 these had been sold to the local council in the 70's. If memory serves me, bathtub was in the middle of the kitchen originally.
  4. Always a civvy knows EVERYTHING ha ha ha
  5. Surely they weren't THAT primitive!!! :lol:
  6. It comes with working in a reference library Percey! I don't know everything - just where to find things. For example until I visited it, I thought Shotley was in various shades of grey. I never realised it had EVER existed in COLOUR!!! :lol: Bit like the Second World War really, come to think of it! For my generation the idea of a colourless world is unimaginable. What a privation that must have been! How did you all cope Percey? :wink:
  7. Hey I was only 3 or 4 at the time but do remember the bath tub being in the middle of the kitchen had a big wooden cover that served as a kitchen table. Unless Ma was putting LSD in my Heinz Baby food, I think it was remodelled shortly after as Mother was not happy about it.
    MQs were built in the late 10's to 20's going by the architecture and layout.
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  10. Me, be rude to a member of the Elite? What are you suggesting Dabs? 8O :lol:
  11. Bumping this as am still interested in the site and anyone that served there.
    Spoke further to my father and he told me that it was a detached duty station, anyone assigned to it lived in Grimsby, next to a pub?
    Also found an article on the web about RN HF from the 20's and it talked about the Wireless Station at Cleethorpes.
    So if anyone knows anything further please comment
  12. Wireless station at cleethorpes was used initially as a Coast guard signal
    station built 1909 and then went as a Radio station. Closed approx 1920??

    the Grimsby W/T station could have been a GPO /Cable and Wireless
    station and had RN guys there attached.
    No mention anywhere . Ask your Dad who his accounting base was--who paid him or who's books he was on for pay.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  13. Thanks for that Greenie.

    My dad wasn't actually attached to the WT station. He was doing some sneaky beaky comms courses in London. He was looking for MQ's for his family and they offered him anywhere in the country and these were available, and seeing as it was his home town he took them.
  14. I found this.
    It was set up in Grimsby and then move south of Grimsby.
    I haven't read it all but it looks dead interesting.

    I hope it's some of what your wanting.


  15. Interesting dit --no pun intended--dit-dah-dit :thanks: :thanks:

    the march of technology and old wireless telegraphy

    :nemo: :nemo:
  16. Hi,

    I was Chief of the Station at New Waltham in 1975-1977. Previous to that I was stationed there in 1971-2.

    If I can be of any help please let me know.
  17. I am interested in learning more about the station. Equipment, task etc.
  18. hi there hope this is of interest to you,
    the wireless station was first used by the army and had a single wooden mast and a long aerial that ran down the length of the site, all around the site were gun batteries for air defence this was around 1907. the RN then took over the station several years later and had the instalation of lf and hf transmitters on the site. the station finally closed in 1980, I was based there from 1979 through to 1980. The married quarters at the front of the station were still MOD property then and we had the task of removing all the equipment from the station back to Chatham dockyard and over to Forest Moor. There are or were pictures of the original aerial in the first world war being passed over by a large german airship and these belonged to the local milkman who delivered to the station.
  19. the stations title was RN W/T station new waltham, all serving RN staff were on lodging allowance and lived in the local area, the base was part of HMS Chathams domain and we were all serving RN staff that ran watches and maintained the base
  20. Is anyone still interested in this thread? I was posted to New Waltham in 1972, as a Junior (all Skin and Essence!).
    Be interested in finding out who Bazp & Popey are - we probably know each other :glasses2:

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