I'm shocked. A fellow Walt! And to think I considered dating him!!! ;) :biggrin:

Like him, I used to be terrified of heights! :eek:mfg:
This could make a great novel/film:

The Life and Times of Paratrooper General Private Sir Mike Golden DSC, KGB, DBE, etc, etc.

By I-couldn't Be Aarsed (a Japanese classmate of Sir Golden Balls)

Perhaps we should begin a new story of daring-do....

Once upon a time mummy's Golden Boy was born, in the garrison town of Liverpool Street Railway Station. He was rugged and tuffy ruffy and at the age of 8 went to Japan to learn the art of self-defence with the renouned karati expert: Hong Kong Phooey. By the age of 10 he was headhunted by Sir Jackson himself to join the Paras, an elite fighting force which commuted to Colchester every day from Liverpool Street Barracks, and there extinguished... oops I mean distinguished... himself, and was universally known to his oppos as Darft Farter, the character in the true life tale of British pluck, Starr Wars. The Paras had to live in London heavily disguised, so they all dressed a dustbinmen and commuted on their Land Rover heavily disguised as a waste services vehicle. One day Sgt.Golden met an oppo......... (in fact his mum) and she said.........
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