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I do have a third medal, given to me by my youngest son as I left the mob, he picked it up at a jumble sale, why, obviously thought I deserved a medal? One of those star shaped ones, not mine, so in a toy box the last time I saw it?
Only ones I have are the Semi-skimmed and Full Fat medals. I do cherish the Full Fat medal as thats a nice shiny gold one so has to be more important. The milkman VC I reckon!!!!!
The reason we're pushing this petition is that Paul Barlow an ex Stoker Killick is pretending to be a former Bootneck, not only that, SBS but he claims to have got an MiD in NI in 76 (He was actually in Netley!) and that he was down South in 82 (Was on GURNSEY) old Army act now defunct, AFA 2006 only works on civilians working for MOD, and we can't find evidence of fraud where he has taken money. I've read the posts, seadog, I take it your combat experience comes from Op Kippion? Let's get a Stolen Valour Act out there.


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Sorry I’m a bit late, signed it!
317. Only 9683 to go.

"At 10,000 signatures, government will respond to this petition"

In the unlikely event that this petition reaches 10 000, HMG will respond : there is already an Act covering this subject. Get angry about something else.


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I took on a Sprocker Spaniel who had no discipline at all if let of the lead it took off and would only return some time later when it suited him. Lovely, affectionate dog who didn't have any aggression in him. I bought an electric collar, it has three settings, the first warning is a bell, the second is vibration and the third a shock, the shock setting is adjustable and I used it on the lowest setting. The shock had to be used just three times, I tried it on myself and it was a mild tingle. After the third time the bell was usually enough, in a very short time that wasn't needed either.
Result was that I had a dog that didn't need to be on a lead, the dog had a much better life style as he was free to run, under control, if you've had anything to do with Spaniels you'll know how important that is.
Sadly idiots have used the collars for the wrong reasons and in the wrong way, this is the result.
Only 350 signatures. Perhaps the low turn out is because enough readers know that there is already a law fitting the OP’s requirement.

I'm interested to know, which law this is? We've been turned down by the Police for prosecution because he hasn't committed any fraud, obviously am willing to bow to superior knowledge BUT unless we get specific law for wearing medals as Stolen Honour as the US have then former matlots are going to carry on wearing medals and green berets they never earned in service! He is not the first!
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